Intelligent Automation

Unlocking the digital revolution

Today, the amount of data exposed to organizations in the digital world is growing exponentially and at a rapidly increasing speed. In this era of constant, high-speed data flow, traditional ways of working are no longer sustainable.

With Intelligent Automation, leading organizations are transferring advanced functional and cognitive processes to machines – solving complex business problems at a pace and power far beyond that of human beings, enhancing productivity, quality, predictability, and agility while decreasing time to market – at a reduced cost to your business.

But intelligent automation isn’t just about technologies. For Capgemini and our clients, it’s much more. We believe that true success is measured by the ability to navigate change while orchestrating new and innovative ways of working – in other words, by bringing people and technology together to drive business results.

Success also means being geared for the future and able to translate vision into action – no matter how fast the world is spinning – without getting locked-in.

Translating vision into value

Automation Drive is making it all happen – embracing the challenges and the full potential of everything intelligent automation has to offer to drive IT and business excellence throughout the value chain.

Capgemini’s Automation Drive brings a unified, open, and dynamic suite of Intelligent Automation tools, services, and expertise that serve your business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value – all realized by Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform, an AI-infused, cloud-enabled, enterprise-wide, plug-and-play intelligent automation platform that accelerates adoption and drives real-world impact for our clients – today and tomorrow.

The result is an agile, anti-lock-in, automation-first approach fueled by seamless knowledge and intuitive learning experiences throughout our clients’ IT and business operations – reducing their total cost of ownership, driving product and service innovation, and creating new opportunities to increase revenue.

Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform

A human-like approach to guide you on your journey

 Automation Drive is orchestrated around the Five Senses of Intelligent Automation. This unique Capgemini methodology underpins everything we do, emulating the human senses and decoding complex tools and technologies and then translating and combining them into real and tangible value across your business and IT organization.

5 Senses of Intelligent Automation

Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform

Take the brakes off change. Shift the needle from limited value, isolated deployments to intelligent automation at scale.

Meet our Experts

Ashwin Yardi

Expert in Automation, Group Industrialization

Lee Beardmore

I have spent over two decades advising clients on best strategies for technology adoption. I am currently leading the push in AI and intelligent automation for Capgemini’s Business Services. I am a computer scientist by education, a technologist at heart, and can offer a wealth of cross-industry experience to my clients.