Payments Analytics

Derive insights from your payments data and improve both your top line and bottom line

The payments business is increasingly driven by information. Strategies and execution led by information insights can improve profitability by optimizing revenue and cutting costs. Capgemini has identified five analytic pillars that can assist banks in setting strategic direction and uncovering operational improvements:

  • Revenue & pricing. Increase revenue and set pricing by tying pricing to your pricing and product strategies. We can help select and implement a pricing and billing solution to execute your strategy.
  • Cost of service. Capture as-is costs and compare with bank and industry benchmarks to help drive your cost management program
  • Cost of quality. Optimize costs by enhancing straight through processing to minimize manual intervention for repairs and investigations, enabling the realization of ‘right first time.’
  • Fraud & risk management. Reduce the incidence of fraud by combining control process definition with skills in leading industry platforms for risk management.
  • Information handling. Payment processing revenues continue to fall but banks still must manage escalating amounts of payment information. Building a body of knowledge from customer data points can help structure value-added services (VAS) and provide opportunities for cross selling.

In addition to offerings to support the five analytic pillars, Capgemini can provide an assessment of your current payments data, identify areas for improvement, or define and deliver your payments analytics program.

Expertise Where it Counts

Capgemini has performed consulting and advisory engagements to help banks leverage payments analytics in decision making. Our experience includes:

  • Using benchmarks from global banks, Capgemini performed sanctions improvement and anti-money laundering handling for a large European financial institution
  • Managed and executed a payments operations risk and control program for a large European bank
  • For a large consumer credit institution in Europe, implemented a client information management system to support cross selling.

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