More endpoints require more security

Research reveals that 71% of breaches target user devices. At the same time, employees expect to be able to work on their laptops, tablets and smartphones, and to use them to access corporate networks. The challenge is thus to find new ways to ensure today’s digital workforce can work on any device without comprising corporate assets.

Responding to incidents – fast

Poor insight and analytics often limit detection capabilities when a breach occurs. This leaves data assets and systems vulnerable to hackers for too long. Capgemini’s comprehensive Future Ready EPaaS provides a rapid incident response to prevent attacks from spreading.

Security tailored to your needs

We know that every organization has its own approach to managing cybersecurity aligned with specific business strategies and risk profiles. That’s why our Future Ready EPaaS is tailored to the unique needs of each client, from the services themselves, to our flexible deployment models.

One-of-a-kind security offering

Our philosophy is to ‘think like an attacker’. A mindset of continuous innovation ensures we are always looking for ways to improve visibility, de-obfuscation and behavioral detection on endpoints.

Capgemini’s EPaaS monitors, detects, responds and protects with a solution and security strategy aligned to your business priorities.

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