Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

Enabling Trusted Connectivity—Flexibly and Efficiently

Discover Capgemini’s IDaaS – identity as a service: the first fully-featured service encompassing all the traditional elements of an Identity and Access Management solution in a unified, managed service delivered as-a-Service offering through a single-tenant customer-specific environment.

The Need to Safeguard Digital Access

Your customers engage with your organization across a variety of touchpoints and your employees need to be able to serve them efficiently at every one of those channels. With the rise of mobile and cloud adoption, how can enterprises safeguard their information across new digital channels?

Next-generation security must be able to address these new identity access management (IAM) challenges to deliver a first-class consumer experience:

Current IAM solutions are complicated and difficult to set up and run. What enterprises need is a business-led approach.

Capgemini’s IDaaS Gives Rapid Protection for Your Extended Network

In recognition of the unique challenges enterprises are facing in today’s digital age, Capgemini’s IDaaS – identity as a service can fast-track your organization onto a simple, cost-effective route to enabling critical IAM functionality across your enterprise. With Capgemini’s IDaaS, your enterprise can scale up to multi-million identities to serve both IAM (employees and business partners) and customer IAM requirements:

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) enables identities and entitlements to be managed and governed across all systems within the extended enterprise.
  • Access Management (AM) provides risk-based contextual access controls to simplify user experience across all channels, irrespective of device or network, whilst providing intelligent threat analytics and monitoring.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) provides control of privileged accounts and privileged usage across the entire PAM operational lifecycle from discovery to control monitor and response.

What makes Capgemini IDaaS unique?

The scale and depth of our expertise in IAM are backed by over 600 global experts who have worked on more than 200 major IAM assignments globally in the past five years.  It is delivered as-a-service: no investments upfront, pay-per-user per month, fast deployment, pre-configured use cases, and reporting out of the box. We are dedicated to selecting and integrating the best-of-breed products to provide you with a complete IAM solution.

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IDaaS Brochure

Securely connect millions of identities to multiple resources via any device

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