VMWare Tanzu

Capgemini and VMware Tanzu, for modular, scalable and rapid cloud-native application development

Applications need to be high in quality, scalable, and easy to develop and maintain. When they work well, it makes all the difference: customers are happy, and business is good.

What’s needed is:

  • A container-based architecture that divides cloud-ready and cloud-native services and solutions into component services
  • A release methodology that applies DevOps principles, and that uses shared tools and processes to simplify collaboration between development and operations teams
  • A scalable environment that supports automation, giving flexibility to accommodate app updates

Capgemini and VMware work closely together to help organizations design, build, and manage cloud-native applications in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. It’s an approach that’s modular, that’s scalable, that’s fast – and that delivers results.

Our approach

At Capgemini, we start by understanding the current applications portfolio and by identifying business priorities. We assess the current maturity of DevSecOps, and we develop a plan that includes the tools and technologies necessary for its execution.

We then re-engineer monolithic apps and their functions as DevOps microservices, making current and future app development more modular, and hence both easier and faster.

As part of this approach, we make use of a single, consistent, commercially supported Kubernetes runtime offered by VMware, to speed up build and release cycles. This, in turn, reduces risks and enables faster feedback.

We also use Kubernetes cluster management to scale and operate apps across any infrastructure, including public cloud, on-premise, and hybrid models. This is available as a turnkey, pay-as-you go managed service, improving performance and reducing costs.

The power of two

At Capgemini, we bring together expertise in app modernization, infrastructure, cloud computing, and enterprise-level managed services in a DevOps model that is tailored to individual cases.

VMware’s cloud-native, cloud-neutral technologies and modern practices, including its Tanzu portfolio, have sparked major improvements in how Global 2000 companies design, develop, deliver, and operate software.

Together, we help organizations to:

  • Modernize their applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production
  • Speed up the development lifecycle with a modern software supply chain
  • Transform how they develop software and run their businesses
  • Create software that leads to happy customers, and better business outcomes

Our Services

Capgemini has both the resources and expertise to react quickly to client needs — a key asset in a digital era when deployment needs to be measured in weeks rather than months.

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Meet our experts

Russell OConnor

Expert in VMWare and public cloud security

Luke Harrigan

I am a cloud expert be it public, private or hybrid. I work with clients from across the globe and ensure they have the right solution for their business. With my varied background ranging from programming to service delivery. I often bring a different view that although focuses on technology also supports our clients business need for accelerated delivery.

Greg Bentham

Leading organizations through IT transformation via Cloud services.

Jay Dowling

Expert in Public and Public Cloud

Thomas De Vita

Expert in Cloud migrations, Cloud strategy, Infrastructure, Public Cloud