Energy & Utilities: Operating in the “new normal”

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Key considerations for mitigating risk and seizing opportunity in a post-crisis world

Late last year, we concluded the global editorial of our World Energy Markets Observatory by saying that: achieving the climate change and sustainability goals outlined in the Paris Agreement would require a radical change in lifestyle and industry operations. Today’s global health emergency has inadvertently led to such a change, effectively decreasing energy consumption through travel restrictions, reductions in industrial production and social distancing measures. The result? A significant drop in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions—albeit not one worthy of celebration given its steep cost in terms of mortality, human suffering, economic hardship and social strain.

While the environmental outcomes related to the pandemic may appear positive at first glance, the actions driving them are by no means a practical way to achieve sustained, responsible and economically viable change.

In this paper, we explore the present energy and utilities landscape, how the current health emergency will affect energy transition efforts and what organizations can do to effectively address risks and opportunities within this new normal.

Most everyone living through this period of history are eager to return to “normal.” But many health experts, world leaders and business analysts have suggested that the world that emerges from this crisis may be fundamentally changed.

Within this paper, we consider 10 fundamental issues that will impact the Energy and Utilities sector and how our industry players can prepare to address them in the months to come.

Key takeaways include:

COVID-19 Energy Utlities

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Philippe Vié, Global Sector Leader, Energy, Utilities, Chemicals
Colette Lewiner, Energy advisor to Capgemini Chairman


Energy and Utilities Operating...

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