Capgemini named a Leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

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Capgemini is proud to be announced A Leader in Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service Providers 2021

Everest Group defines AI for business impact in 4 broad categories depending on the kind of value the AI system delivers: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Experience and Evolution. The service providers are evaluated on different parameters of vision, capability and market impact. This report includes evaluation of 21 AI service providers and provides a comprehensive picture of their services focus, key IP solutions, domain investments and case studies.

Capgemini offers its AI & Analytics services to its clients under the service portfolio called Perform AI. It provides clients end-to-end solutions to execute strategic business objectives with data, analytics and AI.

The report highlights Capgemini’s strengths, including:

  • Undertaking an exhaustive approach to AI literacy. In addition to training its employees in AI, it has adopted this training to institute an AI academy that it uses to educate clients as well
  • The building of AI trust tools as a part of its broader AI offerings, which encompass characteristics of fairness and privacy
  • Developing competent solutions under its Data for AI initiative to help clients address the challenges of data scarcity, data disparity, and data quality to ensure better accuracy and fairness
  • The quality of AI-aligned resources that Capgemini brings to its clients and its overall talent management strategy.

Capgemini’s Perform AI portfolio of solutions delivers business outcomes at scale with data and AI. It combines strategic offerings such as AI Activate for data strategy and governance, and AI Reimagine, its innovation platform for experimentation and prototyping. Capgemini works closely with its extensive ecosystem of technology partners, start-ups and academia to build trusted AI solutions and, through ethical AI governance, implement the right solutions for business to maximize their positive impact.

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Featured Quote

Anne-Laure Thieullent, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader, Capgemini

"We deliver AI solutions to be at the heart of our clients’ businesses, define the appropriate customized strategies and implement them with the right continuous deployment to maximize their positive impact. This Leader ranking illustrates that our best-in-class Perform AI portfolio of solutions has demonstrated the transformative power of AI.''

Nitish Mittal, Vice President, Everest Group

While nearly 75% of enterprises have embarked on their AI journeys, firms continue to face challenges around talent supply, data quality, use-case alignment, and AI explainability,” according to Nitish Mittal, Vice President, Everest Group. “Capgemini’s strong focus on ensuring AI literacy among enterprises through its AI Academy initiative and its investments in overcoming data scarcity and quality issues are alleviating some of these client concerns. Additionally, the firm’s focus on developing responsible AI by building AI trust tools as part of its larger AI offerings is aiding in promoting trust and transparency among business users.”