Digital Mastery

How organizations have progressed in their digital transformations over the past two years

Mind the gap, the digital rift is getting bigger all the time

In 2018, we found that organizations still hadn’t caught up to the whirlwind of change around them. But that was then. Today, everything has changed. The pace of technology innovation and business model disruption is faster than ever, and a global pandemic has been a major catalyst of change, imposing a new normal on us all. We thought it was a good time to check how far organizations have come in their digital transformation journeys.

To these ends, in the latest report from the Capgemini Research Institute – Digital Mastery 2020: How organizations have progressed in their digital transformations over the past two years – we surveyed 1,000 executives around the world to understand how digital transformation and capability building have changed since 2018. We found that organizations are faring far better. On average, 60% say they have the necessary digital capabilities – up 24% from 2018. Progress has been especially pronounced on the talent and culture front; today, 67% of organizations believe they are actively promoting the exploration of new ideas and experimentation – versus only 35% two years ago. Despite this progress however, the gap between Digital Masters and everybody else is widening.

It is important to bridge this divide. We believe that in order to move to the next phase of digital transformation, organizations should plan their journeys along the practices of digital masters. This includes reinventing the employee experience and talent journey, embedding purpose and sustainability into the business, becoming a data-powered enterprise and reimagining the customer experience, and scaling new business and engagement models.

Our world is changing, and digital mastery is key to thrive in this change. For more information on digital transformation, download the report.

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