Making headway with Hydrogen

What will the future green hydrogen value chain look like? Download the report now.

What will the future green hydrogen value chain look like?
Can we leverage offshore wind and other emerging offshore technologies to
produce green molecules?
What are the challenges and opportunities for green hydrogen production at sea?

These are the questions we attempted to answer at the second edition of the
Wind Energy Technology Summit in Brussels on June 8th. The event, sponsored by
Capgemini, was organized by Sirris in partnership with OWI-Lab, Agoria, Blue Cluster,
and WaterstofNet. The thematic topic of the day: “Emerging Offshore Technologies:
production of green electrons & molecules at sea’’ assembled industry experts
across the value chain as well as researchers and policymakers to deep-dive into the
topic of green hydrogen production through offshore wind.

Capgemini conducted a dynamic workshop with various players from the hydrogen
ecosystem to envision what the future offshore wind to hydrogen value chain
could look like in the Belgian North Sea context. Through this hands-on activity
and inspiring debates with the participants, we co-defined key challenges
and opportunities as well as outlined some bold steps to achieve our common
objective: the creation of a local hydrogen ecosystem by 2026 to ensure Belgium’s
technological leadership.

This report aims to distill the key results and insights of the workshop and will serve
as a basis for the development of a more elaborated White Paper on the topic with
Sirris, Blue Cluster and WaterstofNet.

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