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Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures: In conversation with Cindy Claeys

19 May 2021

International Girls in ICT Day aims at encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Capgemini strongly promotes gender balance in ICT, and always champions women in technology. To inspire more girls to choose a career in ICT and make their dream a reality, we bring to you a series of interviews of some of the most successful and prominent women employees at Capgemini Belgium, who talk about why it is important for more girls to take up careers in ICT and how we can inspire them in doing so.

We have with us today Cindy Claeys – Senior SAP Sourcing & Procurement Consultant, Capgemini Belgium.

Hello Cindy! Tell us about yourself
Cindy: Hey there! I’m Cindy Claeys. Since September 2016, I’ve been a proud member of the Package Based Solutions Team. My areas of interest in my professional career include recruiting, project management, sourcing and procurement, and last but not the least, diversity and inclusion within the IT sector. In my leisure time, I enjoy walking my dogs, cooking, and being creative. My biggest personal project is the renovation of my future house.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ICT?
Cindy: I was inspired to pursue a career in ICT by my brother-in-law, who was a Capgemini employee. The ICT sector also caught my attention because it gives you a variety of career choices and opportunities. Most importantly, it is a fast-changing sector with a growing demand for skilled workforce.

How has Capgemini helped shape your career in the tech industry?
Cindy: Over the past 4 years, I got a collegial and supportive atmosphere at Capgemini, where I’m the master of my own destiny! I got the opportunity to work on challenging (international) projects, obtained multiple technology certificates, and followed some classroom and online training sessions on soft skills. Capgemini also helped me enhance my international network – both within and outside the organization.

Why do you think it is important to promote technology career opportunities for girls?
Cindy: Well, it’s important to promote technology among both girls and boys. But it is a fact that this sector is still male dominated. Diversity is crucial, and is therefore required to support everyone in their career journey within and outside technology.

How do you think girls can be encouraged to choose a career in ICT?
Cindy: Firstly, girls should be inducted to and given insights into the ICT sector at an early age. They should be encouraged to explore technology, for instance – building codes. Secondly, help them understand that an ICT job isn’t only for engineers. Even if you have a background in healthcare, philosophy, economics, and languages, you can still explore career opportunities in ICT. A motivated mindset is the key! We should also have more women technology leaders and role models to show that girls are equally capable of pursuing a career in ICT.

Do you have kids? If so, how do you inspire them to take up careers in science & technology/ ICT?
Cindy: No I don’t. But I’d definitely want to inspire and motivate people to explore their opportunities and get to know their personal boundaries. It’s crucial to support everyone in their own dreams, show them the opportunities and make them believe that they have the power to realize their ambitions. Just do it! Don’t hesitate to reach out to your network to get that extra push !

A message that you would like to share with girls who aspire to pursue a career in ICT
Cindy: Everyone has superpower! Please share it with us and join the exciting ICT sector !

Thanks so much Cindy! It was indeed a great conversation! Your inspiring career in ICT will motivate many others, and we wish you continued success.