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Capgemini Invent partners with VOCATIO to give youngsters the future they want

10 May 2022

In the last couple of years, VOCATIO and Capgemini Invent have shared a common goal of supporting young talents in pursuing their passion and ambition to achieve their life project. The projects of VOCATIO laureates always have a socially responsible character within various disciplines such as performing arts, plastic arts, engineering and technology, medical sciences and social sciences.

Every year, 20 young talents are given a scholarship by VOCATIO to develop new techniques, acquire equipment, expand a research program,or even further develop their expertise by following a specific training program. Moreover, laureates also get the opportunity to access a broad and prestigious VOCATIO network.

Capgemini Invent was sponsoring the VOCATIO initiative financially for several years now… But then, in 2019, several Invent consultants had the idea of defining a learning path for the VOCATIO laureates –  including three Business Workshops – to help them reflect on their life project and support them in developing their future business model. Those Invent consultants believed that there was more to offer than only financial support.

In September 2021 – despite the Covid-19 pandemic – the team organized a virtual workshop focusing on Design Thinking in collaboration with colleagues from Idean. In March 2022, after several attempts to organize an in-person event, the team finally hosted two face-to-face workshops for the laureates who wanted to expand their business knowledge.

The first workshop focused on helping the laureates reflect on their (future) business model by exploring and challenging the laureates’ Business idea(s). The second workshop focused on presentation skills and how to convince an audience of investors, wherein the laureates were asked to pitch their Business idea. These Business workshops were facilitated by bright Invent colleagues who provided one-on-one coaching during both sessions.

By coaching the laureates, all Capgemini Invent coaches got a chance to share their experience and support young and creative talents. Furthermore, Invent coaches where confronted with less traditional “client” profiles that we don’t regularly encounter within the consultancy world. Finally, the Invent coaches were able to contribute – in a small way – to the laureates’ meaningful life projects which felt extremely rewarding.

At the same time, Capgemini Invent’s partnership with VOCATIO gives us the opportunity to increase our brand awareness as well as our overall visibility during VOCATIO’s events. Indeed, the VOCATIO network consists of various existing/future Capgemini clients.

In the near future, Capgemini Invent will keep investing in this beautiful initiative and will explore new ideas to further strengthen its partnership with VOCATIO. We truly hope this is a first partnership that will set the precedent for many more to come!

To know more about this initative, you can reach out to Julie Cauwenberghs and Julie Ceyssens.