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Client story

Agile business transformation at a leading leasing and full-service provider

Client: Leading leasing and full-service provider
Region: Germany, Spain, Netherlands

Working with Capgemini Invent, a leading leasing and full-service provider undergoes a transformation across its various locations and markets to introduce standardized processes and improve the speed and agility with which it works

Client Challenge: A leading leasing and full-service provider had become too fragmented and inflexible and so wanted to undergo a global business model transformation

Solution: By partnering with Capgemini, the organization launched a transformation journey that created a sustainable, modular, and standardized business and IT landscape

-Standardized, agile ways of working across all locations and markets
-Improved time-to-market
-Enhanced internal capacity and resource planning
-Accelerated product development and user feedback processes

Adapting in response to expansion

Expansion is the natural result of a business experiencing long periods of success, but it presents a new set of logistical problems. Organizations must suddenly unify teams that use different processes and technologies and even maintain different cultures. When a leading leasing and full-service provider executed a series of acquisitions and expansions, it began to struggle with a fragmented business and IT landscape as well as a lack of sufficient flexibility within its processes.

In order to remain economically successful and efficient in the years ahead, the organization needed to establish a standardized service portfolio, supported by an agile organization and corresponding ways of working. Additionally, the business wanted to adopt an agile mindset among all employees, thereby enabling them to react more quickly to the rapid changes in the mobility industry. Understanding that doing so would require substantial expertise and experience, the organization partnered with Capgemini Invent to create a comprehensive transformation program with which it would launch this unification.

Preparing standardized solutions

In a series of collaborative workshops, Capgemini Invent brought project representatives together with stakeholders from different markets and business functions to enable a holistic and agile approach. With the help of individual coaching and training by Capgemini experts and coaches, the business was able to develop a new agile way of working that placed particular importance upon transparency and a trust-based professional working relationship.

By doing so, Capgemini Invent supported the development of a sustainable, agile organizational structure based on proven methods and expertise that it drew from other international projects. These activities addressed the standardization of business processes and the implementation of central control elements for markets and products.

Accomplishing this required a set of complementary work packages. Capgemini worked with the organization to support active scope management using agile tools and visioning workshops. In addition, project experts led agile coaching of multi-disciplinary teams at a variety of management levels. Capgemini Invent also led the implementation of impact analyses to take into account the influence of standardization and configuration activities within target markets while also developing metrics to measure team performance, effectiveness, and communication.

Once the transformation was under way, Capgemini Invent worked with the client to ensure the lasting impact and stability of the solution. This included agile reorganization and improvements to stabilize new transformation structures and processes and the implementation of change management to bring employees in line with the new, agile approach. In addition, the partners designed agile control elements to anchor structural and procedural changes and developed a user experience design to accelerate future product development.

Building a foundation for future success

By undergoing this extensive transformation, Capgemini Invent and the client organization created an agile, standardized way of working that could be applied to all previous and future acquisitions. In addition, the leasing and full-service business is now better prepared for the future thanks to a variety of deliveries, including:

  • Program organization and PO team structure to manage the continuous delivery pipeline, from ideation to shippable products
  • A built-in agile delivery factory that improved velocity and time-to-market
  • Automated and robotized processes for so-called “parallel perform scenarios” within multi-sprint and multi-market rollout.

With these new agile ways of working, the organization has improved transparency towards functions at its various locations and within a variety of markets. Effective UX design and prototyping has accelerated product development and user feedback processes while Capgemini Invent also helped improve internal capacity and resource planning. As a result, the client has enjoyed present day standardization while preparing for a future based on agility and innovation.