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Client story

ADMnext supports the digital transformation of a leading furniture retailer

Known for its functional, modernist designs, and strong brand and widespread retail presence, one of the world’s largest furniture retailers was faced with the continuing challenge of a lackluster digital presence and poor online sales.

Together, we embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey, which saw us develop an eCommerce and business process focus solution that completely modernized their digital eCommerce platform.

“In the beginning, it was a fairly small collaboration, but it continued to grow up until 2011, the defining year was when we entrusted a portion of our IT functions to Capgemini. Since then our relationship has evolved and entered a new phase.”

Deputy Account Manager, Client’s organization

Download the full case study above to find out how we enabled 24X7 seamless support, 99.99% availability, and smooth a growth in online sales from 6% to 10% among other benefits.