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Leader in RPA and AI for Banking by NelsonHall

23 Sep 2019

Capgemini announced today that it has been named a “Leader” in the NelsonHall Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) Report on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services for banking.

In the latest NEAT report entitled “The Advance of RPA and AI in Banking,” Capgemini scored highly as a Leader.  NelsonHall evaluated 14 vendors offering RPA and AI services.

The report highlighted Capgemini’s expertise in the following areas:

  • On its overall RPA and AI capabilities, Nelson Hall noted Capgemini’s “broad IT services skills and experience with industry standard solutions including UIPAth, Blue Prism, WorkFusion, and Automation Anywhere at many banks.”
  • Additionally, Capgemini was commended for its “proprietary framework and tools for automation and AI which has been used at many banks” and its onshore delivery capabilities in Europe, Canada, and the US.
  • Capgemini was also recognized for its ability to support RPA enablement with banking Business Process Services (BPS) delivery. Specifically, on international trade BPS, Capgemini’s ability to develop RPA services for trade processing was highlighted.

Anirban Bose, CEO of Capgemini’s Financial Services and Member of the Group Executive Board said: “RPA and AI are windows into the future and we are intent on being the partner of choice for banks looking for next generation innovation through RPA and AI. NelsonHall’s recognition of our capabilities is affirmation that our vision, offerings, and capabilities are industry leading and we are pleased and proud to be commended as such by NelsonHall’s thorough and challenging analysis.”

“Capgemini is well-positioned to respond to banks’ demands for RPA and AI engagements,” said Andy Efsthathiou, Banking Sourcing Research Director, NelsonHall. “It has a robust framework for automation consulting and implementation, a good installed base of RPA projects, and a strong pipeline for growth, especially with global banks.”

Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation, with its Perform AI and Automation Drive that include advanced technologies such as AI, RPA, analytics and augmented workforce at scale, to enable digital transformation across the enterprise.

To read the full report click here.