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5G and Edge

What to expect from edge and 5G in 2022

To answer this question, Azhar Sayeed from our partner Red Hat interviewed our own Shamik Mishra from Capgemini Engineering at the recent Red Hat Open 5G Event.

Watch their 30-minute conversation below, or read the transcript on the Mobile Europe site here. In the interview, they broach such topics as:

  • Current obstacles to 5G adoption
  • Which to expect first, RAN or core
  • Open RAN and virtual RAN
  • The role of cloud
  • The hype around hyperscalers

Shamik Mishra is Vice President and CTO of Connectivity at Capgemini Engineering. He has over twenty years of experience in the telecom and software industry, and works actively in the fields of virtualization, cloud-native, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and carrier cloud platforms. Azhar Sayeed is a chief technologist of global communications at Red Hat, with a special interest in deployment models and strategies for cloud and virtualization.