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5G and Edge

Time to connect Belgium with 5G

An exhaustive industrial study reveals roadblocks and opportunities

Following Capgemini Invent’s global 5G study which surveyed 800 manufacturing companies around the world to find out how willing they are to adopt 5G and where they believe 5G can add maximum value, Capgemini Invent now partners with Agoria to deep-dive in the Belgian market.

5G is perceived worldwide as a key enabler of digital transformation across industries. Internationally, large companies are preparing for it, or where already available, implementing use cases on 5G to seize all opportunities from this versatile new connectivity technology.

Faced with the fact that 5G rollout will have a considerable delay, we have conducted a survey of 489 Belgian organizations. The companies vary in size from SMEs to large companies and we investigated how they are positioned against 5G and the impact it will have.

Our study revealed:

  • Awareness of 5G across all industries is high in Belgium, but knowledge on specific 5G features is lacking. This leads to low levels of 5G-engagement and of enterprises taking effective actions to prepare for 5G
  • Companies have high expectations of 5G. They expect substantial improvements on efficiency of floor operations and opportunities to develop new products and services with and around 5G
  • Companies are prepared to pay a premium fee for the new features that 5G brings once the benefits are proven. In this context, local private mobile networks are perceived as key for the industrial segment
  • Uncertainty on timing, costs, ROI, concerns about health, sustainability and privacy are the main roadblocks that need to overcome
  • The current delay in 5G roll-out could result in disinvestment and competitive disadvantage for Belgium

To keep Belgium as a digital front runner and to gain competitiveness on an international level we recommend:

  1. The development and strict execution of a national and regional coordinated 5G vision
  2. Telcos need to become digital transformation partners for companies
  3. A 5G-engagement increase at companies by boosting 5G knowledge
  4. Optimize conditions to activate 5G-ecosystems and prove value via use case pilots

For more information, please contact:

Frédéric Vander Sande, Vice President

Head of Telecom, Media & Technology for the Benelux