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The Power of Zero from Capgemini’s ADMnext

Driving a lean, efficient, and optimized core is your pathway to enabling infinite possibilities.

Reap the full benefits of your transformation efforts and become a truly digital enterprise by bolstering your core IT foundation first

With large-scale market disruptions and the advent of newer-age digital technologies, constant evolution is essential. And, with digital services giving more power to consumers, applications have become the default source of business value – to the extent that application loyalty is now synonymous with brand loyalty. So, understandably, leading CIOs are increasingly becoming more “apps-focused” by default.

But, this emphasis on applications and future digital transformation can blur your focus on your core – your here-and-now operations – and this can hinder your ability to lay a foundation for a digitally empowered enterprise.

The key to achieving this digitally empowered enterprise and your digital transformation visions lies in getting the basics right first. This means ensuring your legacy estate is made rock solid so that it acts as your digital transformation launchpad. And in order to do this, a clear and solid operational framework is crucial.

Introducing the Power of Zero: An actionable framework for achieving business excellence through hyper-efficient core IT

The Power of Zero is an actionable framework for solidifying your legacy IT estate as a launchpad for your digital transformation, so that you attain all the speed and agility needed for a truly digital enterprise.

In putting your current state of IT and applications in order, the Power of Zero enables you to achieve maximum impact from your core applications. This means a future state with zero defects, zero touch, zero applications debt, and zero business interruption – all leading to zero innovation latency. The Power of Zero is driven by speed and agility and delivers business value throughout your entire applications realm by helping you to:

  1. Drive down to zero defects and tickets through preventive, predictive, and perfective maintenance
  2. Foster zero touch through an AI-infused intelligent platform
  3. Get down to zero applications debt through effective portfolio management
  4. Enable zero business interruption through insights, competitiveness, and efficiency
  5. Create a state of zero innovation latency through disruptive services

ADMnext and the Power of Zero: Business-focused ADM Services for accelerated growth

In applying the Power of Zero, Capgemini’s ADMnext moves applications development and maintenance (ADM) from an insurance-based function to investment-focused, business value driver. Essentially, ADMnext equips you with the ability to rapidly respond to change – or rather to embody the change, the innovation, and the outcomes you want for your business.

In building a lean, efficient, and resilient core with zero human touch, ADMnext enables clients to drive operational agility and helps them restore services quickly in times of crisis.

At Capgemini, we fully believe in this simple, yet powerful vision, and we are committed to bringing everything ADMnext – and the Power of Zero – can offer your applications.

Download the whitepaper on the top to learn more about what the Power of Zero and ADMnext can do for your business.

Meet our experts

Pavan Prabhakar

Expert in Complex ADM deal solutioning
“As a part of the core team of ADM Center of Excellence, I am responsible for crafting innovative, differentiated and cutting-edge ADM solutions. I have played multiple client-facing leadership roles in the last 20 years, and I have a 3600 view of the ADM business.”

Clifton Menezes

Executive Vice-President – Technology Solutions and Go-To-Market
“We see our ADMnext engagements as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supporting them in their transformation journey as a trusted partner. Our approach is end-to-end, encompasses all layers of the stack, and is aimed at elevating customer experience and uplifting business value, while demonstrating our cost-effectiveness, transformational abilities, and agility.”