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Financial services

The path to next-generation KYC-as-a-Service solutions

Gain insights into new and evolving strategies for financial institutions to perform Know Your Customer (KYC)/Client Due Diligence (CDD)activities more effectively. See how technology and industry collaboration can support the extension of KYC operations to next generation “as-a-service” models.

Know Your Customer (KYC)/Client Due Diligence (CDD) processes continue to be arduous and labor intensive with huge cost burdens on financial institutions. As the business environment becomes more complex, KYC operations teams face the challenge of supporting business as a partner, while ensuring compliance and protecting the bank.

During our research we talked to our clients and some of the consistent concerns that we discovered include:

  • How can organizations enhance KYC operational efficiency while simultaneously improve customer experience and reduce cost of compliance?
  • How can firms leverage standardization, collaboration and technology to tackle the key challenge of siloed information and data?

Gain insights on how you can address these issues, to achieve cost effective compliance while providing superior customer experiences and deriving value from effective data usage. Download this whitepaper and learn how to:

  • Achieve process and cost efficiencies by leveraging new technologies and increasing data analytics efficiency
  • Build reliable ecosystems through secure data sharing between properly identified business partners
  • Evolve KYC/CDD new operating models based on better controls, enhanced data quality, and tamper proof traceability