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Special feature: Delivering a frictionless employee experience

Helping to reimagine your business operations.

As the latest newcomer to the Capgemini’s Business Services leadership team, I have the opportunity to author the editorial for our spring 2021 edition of Innovation Nation. Unsurprisingly, I’ve chosen to focus on people matters!

Some organizations still fail to fully grasp that their digital native employees’ expectations are set by the world they live in. They neglect the fact that employees are also clients, and often enjoy a better engagement experience as consumers than they do as employees. For their part, employees expect simple, seamless interactions and customer experience within their organization, accessible at any time.

Everything with which employees come into contact needs to flow. Services need to be made accessible from a single place, available, and accurate. They must be adaptable to individual needs in a simple way. And this requires them to be frictionless, meaning departmental barriers need to be made smoother, life made easier and simpler – both externally for customers and supply chain partners – and internally for employees.

With this is mind, our spring 2021 edition of Innovation Nation focuses on how we’re helping our clients deliver a frictionless, consumer-grade experience to their employees.