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Low code-No code
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Enabling the citizen developer

We look at how we are taking your business – and people – to new heights with Low code/no code and ADMnext.

Today’s most innovative enterprises depend on their IT and the applications they create to deliver the majority of business and customer value. So, it’s no secret that your application development will play a critical role in driving the growth of your future business.

Whether it’s reducing IT personnel costs, ending shadow IT, or increasing the speed of development, low code/no code (LC/NC) platforms hold immense potential in driving growth by enabling users to create applications using a graphical interface, with virtually no programming experience required. We call these users Citizen Developers. Low code/no code can help your Citizen Developers address a host of application development challenges surrounding overstressed resources, legacy systems, changing business requirements, and delivery delays.

The code for success: Choosing the right low code/no code partner for your business – and your Citizen Developers

Choosing the right low code/no code partner is essential in addressing all the above challenges and helping you to define an effective enterprise-wide low code/no code strategy. This means a partner that can work with you to review your business aspirations, and cater to your rules or policies around IT, security, and data protection, so low code/no code solutions are seamlessly adopted by the Citizen Developers within your organization.

Low code/no code with ADMnext – Enabling the Citizen Developer: Assessing, visualizing, and democratizing low-code opportunities throughout your business

Low code/no code with ADMnext brings intuitive development to your Citizen Developers, value to your customers, and results to your business. We help you transform your applications development to innovate faster, work smarter, improve operational efficiency and TCO, meet specific business goals in less time, and enhance collaboration between businesses and IT.

This is accomplished through ADMnext’s Assess, Visualize, and Democratize formula. This formula assesses and sources high-value, low code/no code application transformation opportunities, provides you with visibility into exactly where and how these opportunities can add business value, and implements and democratizes low code/no code throughout your entire user base and business by:

  • Assessing: Evaluating and sourcing low code/no code opportunities with Capgemini’s economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)
  • Visualizing: Gaining insights into opportunities where low code/no code can automate and accelerate your processes
  • Democratizing: Comprehensive low code implementation with Capgemini’s Low Code CoE.

Low code/no code with ADMnext provides you and your Citizen Developers with the ongoing management and sustainability to maximize the value realized by low code/no code platforms. We enable you to build apps faster, better leverage existing platforms, and connect silos quicker – all while implementing security, governance, and data protection – and delivering the experiences users love. Typical implementations of Low-code/no-code from ADMnext can result in the following benefits:

  • 100% elimination of spreadsheets and data silos
  • 82% reduction in manual data entry
  • 12% increase in asset utilization
  • 7-10% reduction in freight spend

Download the brochure to learn more about how you can reap these benefits and more with Low code/no code with ADMnext.

And contact us below to start your low code/no code journey with ADMnext.

Sachidanand  Padgaonkar, ADM Solutions Leader, Europe  Randy Potter, ADMnext Chief Architect  Gary James, ADMnext Go-to-market Lead, Europe  Clifton Menezes, ADMnext Offer Lead