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Talent and people

Designing Momentum

Designing Momentum is a show about what it takes to build and maintain momentum in business. When the odds are against you, how do you forge your own path?

In Season 1 we look at the world of sport. What can business learn from players and entrepreneurs that aren’t afraid to go against the grain to succeed? Join us as we examine how the sports industry is adapting to revolutions in technology and changing consumer habits.

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Host and speakers

Frank Wammes | Designing MomentumOur host Frank Wammes is the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer Europe at Capgemini.
His broad perspective on technology helps him to advice clients on how to gain competitive advantage in business. He combines his passion for technology and creating positive impact through our podcast series.
Rachel Burford | Designing MomentumRachael Burford is an English rugby union player.
She has represented England in four Women’s Rugby World Cups and one Rugby World Cup Sevens. Rachael founded the Burford Academy, which is dedicated to developing the skills of girls of all ages and levels of experience on and off the pitch. She’s also the co-host of the first podcast dedicated to women’s rugby.
Gemma Godfrey is a Board Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur.
Gemma built two businesses to help people make smarter decisions with their money. The first, she sold to an insurance company, the other she built for The Times. She also advised the government on its strategy to improve our financial wellbeing and Arnold Schwarzenegger on who to fire in the boardroom on The Celebrity Apprentice. This was all while getting divorced and raising two kids. She now advises high growth businesses on strategy, growth, innovation, funding, and acquisition.
Janet Pope | Designing MomentumJanet Pope is the North America Corporate Responsibility Director at Capgemini.
She has 15 years of consulting experience and has worked to implement collaborative solutions to expand the reach and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. She’s adding a fresh perspective to this podcast series by correlating business value and diversity.
Grace Vella | Designing MomentumGrace Vella is an ex-football player and the founder of MissKick, a girls sportswear company.
She is driven to create a world where every girl, regardless of their background or experience, has the opportunity to feel inspired and benefit from football. In Designing Momentum, she shares her experience in the world of sports and business.
Giles Morgan | Designing momentumGiles Morgan is a podcaster, speaker, author, and thought leader in the global sports industry.
He is a big advocate of tech in business and sport and focuses on driving new revenue streams into the commercial ecosystem of Sport & Entertainment through NextGen Tech Platforms & Dynamic Data analytics, and brings his insights to Designing Momentum.
Rory Burghes | Designing momentumRory Burghes is VP, Accelerated Solutions Environment at Capgemini.
His work takes a collaborative, bespoke approach to client problems, designing workshops that deliver many month’s worth of work in a matter of days. In this podcast series, he lends us his views on the growing Tech and Sports collaboration and the scope of emerging tech to transform the sports world.