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Point of View

Data to the People

New Point of View “Data to the People” discusses the history, achievements, and immediate future of government open data and public data resources.

What is open data? How can it be used for the common good? What can we learn from open data approaches already adopted in Europe? These are among the questions answered in this paper, Data to the PeopleIt is the first of two papers examining open data and the creation of enabling ecosystems.

We learn that regulation supporting data sharing, particularly in Europe, has deep roots and includes both a mandate to make governments’ data available in the open and the support to enable controlled data ecosystems, such as in the “data space” model.

To leverage its full potential, open data needs to be embedded in creating new data sharing approaches that consider government, organizations, citizens, technology, and the legal framework altogether as a system, Hence the term Collaborative Data Ecosystem.

Data to the People covers:

  • The journey to open data and data ecosystems
  • The impact of open data – making the business case
  • The EU Open Data Directive as a push for interoperability of high-value datasets across Europe
  • The Data Governance Act – a new frontier for European open data

It offers both inspiration and lessons from the substantial effort that Europe is putting into developing its policies and technology to make open data not only available but impactful too.

Following the European Parliament’s approval of the Data Governance Act in 2022, public sector bodies must start to ramp up their open data activities to be ready for a new era in the use of data.