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cracking the code from within

We all have a part to play in the global effort to reach net zero. But certain industries need to do more than others.

One of them is the IT industry, which faces a dual challenge: it must reduce its own carbon footprint while helping other sectors achieve their sustainability goals. Cloud computing and remote or hybrid work models have become more prevalent in recent years, offering benefits such as continuity, scalability, and flexibility. However, they also increase the energy consumption and carbon emissions of data centers, service providers, and IT departments. Moreover, the rapid development of new technology creates a constant demand for replacing outdated assets and devices, adding to the environmental impact of e-waste and resource depletion.

The cheat code for sustainability: How and where to begin

Many IT organizations are hyperaware of the need to adopt net-zero strategies, but they often struggle to implement them effectively. They may feel overwhelmed by the complexity and scale of the challenge, or they may lack the guidance and support to make the right decisions. However, achieving sustainability is not as hard as it seems. There are simple and practical steps that IT leaders can take to start their transformation journey.

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