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6G for the hyperconnected future

In 2030, the world will look dramatically different, thanks to advancements in connectivity and smart connected technologies. Technologies, once considered the realm of science fiction, will redefine how we live, work, and care for our planet.

But making this hyper-connected world a reality requires a massive leap forward; one that provides a thousand times faster connectivity than what is possible today, with data transfer speeds in terabytes per second and extremely low latency – even beyond those promised by today’s 5G networks.

Our new point of view will show you the opportunities that 6G presents, and the challenges that must first be overcome. It draws upon our experience developing mobile telecoms networks since their early days, and covers the most important megatrends and technology themes – along with the organizations and consortiums that are leading the way.

You’ll learn:

  • What is 6G really, and how is it shaping up?
  • 6G use cases and the technologies driving them
  • How we’ll build the 6G ecosystem
  • Why now is the time to begin your 6G journey
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Each new generation of mobile technology has delivered more: More data. More devices. More efficiency. But it’s time to broaden our view of network technology – focusing not just on what it brings today, but what more we can build with it tomorrow.