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The story behind our latest Data & AI recognitions

Anne Laure Thieullent
5 May 2022

Ask any Data & AI business and they will tell you the same thing: there has been an enormous shift in the market over the past few years.

Firstly, the importance of enterprise data has grown exponentially, with organizations now recognizing that data is a core requirement for value generation and competitive advantage.

And then of course, there is the global transition to a data economy, where new business models, new products and services are now powered by data sharing and data ecosystems.

But not every Data & AI business has shifted their own positioning accordingly, reshaping themselves with the aim to deliver clients tangible business value, not just technology capabilities.

At Capgemini, that’s exactly what we have been doing. For over 3 years, we have been building up a differentiated Data & AI portfolio to better fit the needs of organizations today, to empower CXOs with data & AI end-to-end solutions, and to help clients transform into a business of the future.

I’m incredibly proud that these efforts have been recognized. Recently, Capgemini were announced as a ‘Leader’ in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers for the sixth consecutive year, and a ‘leader’ and ‘star performer’ in the Everest Artificial Intelligence (AI) services PEAK MATRIX® Assessment 2022, for the second time consecutively.

These ongoing recognitions are a testament to our people, particularly our incredible Data, AI and Analytics community.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share some examples of why I believe we have been able to achieve and maintain our position as an industry leader.

1.   Put your customers at the center

This might sound overly simple – putting your end customer first is something that is taken for granted in most organizations.

But true data driven organizations – data masters – know that optimizing customer acquisition and retention, and delivering a customer experience based on respectful personalization and intelligent customer services, is where they can differentiate themselves to drive tangible results.

This is what sits at the heart of our Data Driven Customer Experience offering, a foundation for businesses to deliver this stellar customer experience but also continuously reinvent their business.

As an example, we are helping a leading global consumer brand to achieve €30M per year of efficiencies and to become best-in-class in marketing.

In this case, we built a smart engine based on a powerful global analytics platform that translates the customers’ digital footprint into deep insights of their behaviors and preferences. These insights are then leveraged by business units across the entire organizations, such as for, product development, product launches, marketing campaigns or sales.

2.   The future of industry is intelligence powered by Data & AI

By leveraging Data & AI across every dimension of what they do and how they do it – from R&D, supply chains, factories to networks – organizations can unleash innovation and new revenue models by creating Intelligent products, operations or services.

For a year now, we have been working on transforming the R&D function of a global pharma company. Not only is this helping to accelerate clinical studies and time-to-market of new drugs, but it helps also improve diagnostics and predict responses to therapy.

The measurable impact? The probability of success for drug development is improving up to 30%.

3.   Our commitment to solving problems through data-powered innovation

Data, analytics, and AI are critical to creating innovative solutions to today’s biggest challenges – both for businesses and society.

This is something that is reflected in the work that we do with our clients, with Data for Net Zero and Sustainable AI being a key part of our portfolio. This means two things: helping clients to achieve their sustainability targets and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with innovative data & AI capabilities, and implementing resource efficient solutions that ensure data platforms and AI use cases does not undo its own great work on climate action.

Our commitment to building a positive, inclusive and sustainable future is also echoed within our organization, through initiatives like our Global Data Science Challenge, a company-wide hackathon, focusing this year on using AI to help eliminate river blindness, a tropical disease which has currently infected more than 20 million people, and our support to the Girls in AI Global Hackathon, aiming to empower young people using AI in their projects to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals, through dedicated mentorship.

As another example, in the latest edition of our Data-powered Innovation Review, we present an app using AI as a powerful tool helping people suffering from dyslexia with reading and writing. 15 articles explore the fresh, innovative technologies that are enabling us to be the change we want to see in the world – Make sure you check it out!

Data is the key to getting the future we want 

For all of us in the Data & AI community, there has never been a more exciting time.

Data, which has long been our lifeblood, is now the lifeblood for organizations everywhere – driving impactful and meaning transformations and driving exciting new opportunities for both businesses and society. With Data, AI can finally be impactful at scale, for organizations, people and planet.

It’s an incredible privilege to work alongside passionate colleagues, clients and partners in this rich and innovative space! I can’t wait to achieve even more successful outcomes together.