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The Rise of Google’s Content Creation Engine

Alex Bulat
Jun 3, 2024

Why Google Search is End of Life?

I think the biggest change that Google is a more holistic one that most people missed because of the focus on AI.

Namely Google is shifting from Search Engine to “Content Creation Engine”…. this is a massive change, I think this will become more and more visible in the next 18 months as they begin adding more and more features to their Google products…

If you look at the 100 new things that have been announced during Google I/O 2024 and look closely to the tools, you see how Google is going to make the change in the next years. The tools will enable you to create more faster and easier in an engine that you are already have been using for years.

Stay curious. And have fun exploring these new 100 tools.

Meet the author

Alex Bulat

Group Technology Director
Alex is Group Technology Director, focused on helping our customers transform and adopt to the new digital age, and integrate new and disruptive innovations into their business. He is focused on driving the expansion and delivery of digital transformation and helping companies to get a grasp on future technologies like IoT, AI, Big data and Blockchain. He also focuses on how new innovations, disruptive technologies, and new platforms like Uber, impact the current businesses.