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New customer expectations for B2B businesses

Vamshi Rachakonda
February 16, 2021

With more choices, more access to information, and less incentive to be loyal -today’s customers are firmly in control of their relationship with companies. But the scope of customer experience is changing as well. To win hearts and wallets, companies must not only deliver amazing marketing, sales, ecommerce, and service interactions, but also prove that they have the customers’ best interests in mind. 85% of business buyers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its products.

Today’s B2B customers want to be understood and respected as B2C consumers. Customers seek connected processes – such as seamless handoffs or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions. 70% of customers agree that connected processes are very important to winning their business.

Customers expect companies to provide new products/services more frequently than ever before. For most customers, innovation impacts purchasing habits. 66% of business buyers expect sales reps to develop solutions rather than pitch products.

Today’s customers expect more than knowledgeable salespeople and a quick and easy checkout. Increasingly drawn to ecommerce sites, they value product comparison tools as well as mobile apps. On top of it all, they want to move seamlessly between various digital and offline channels. 91% of customers say they’re more likely to make another purchase after a great service experience.

New Reality in Manufacturing!

Technology has enhanced customer expectations with “customer experience” driving the sales and after-sales transformations. Similarly, manufacturing is also drifting towards this paradigm. Advanced commerce solutions, CPQ solutions and advancements in order management with omnichannel capabilities are the key enables driving this transformation.

Manufacturers are investing more and more in improving Customer Experience.

The way forward for CX in manufacturing sectors

Today, customers demand personal engagement-a new reality for businesses. A unique problem of each customer is addressed by optimizing the service processes and offering a custom-made solution, which can bring in significant value to the customer. By means of 1:1 approach, a solution is crafted to match the needs of customers. The ability to personalize their experience or solution inevitably heightens customer satisfaction.  Service excellence is continually improved by fueling innovation and creativity to solutions and utilizing information from field service to initiate cross and upsell opportunities The crafted solution can be sold to customers directly to reduce dependency on face-to-face sales and provide opportunities to serve more customers. Additionally, customer self-service is becoming the preferred method for customer service since it empowers customers with faster solutions in real time.

What Capgemini NA Manufacturing can offer to our Customers?
Commerce Transformation

The expectations of buyers and customers are addressed with an omnichannel approach; We create a new sales channels and capture new customers with a personalized design-led approach. Solutions are offered through advanced Digital Commerce, specifically in the B2B, B2C and D2C space. We implement CPQ solutions to boost sales across the organization, solution selling, new offerings and transform back office CPQ capabilities into digital facing for enabling customers to configure and price on their own. The order management process enables managing of an order in a single view from multiple channels across multiple systems and out to multiple cost optimized fulfillment capabilities.

Field Service Transformation

With technologies like AI/Bots, self-service, contactless and 360 view of the customer, we can transform customer service to a profit center and essentially manage Customer-Centric Service as a service model.


There is a shift happening in technology, which has led to a need for a shift in customer experience of sales and after-sales services as well… The research and practice of transformation by Capgemini NA Manufacturing can assist you in deploying potential solutions to drive efficiencies significantly.