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Intelligent transformation – driving a personalized approach to customer interactions

Leigh Birkbeck
26 July 2022

Implementing an intelligent transformation approach to drive meaningful customer interactions optimizes operational performance and delivers enhanced value to your business.

The decision to outsource your contact center is not made overnight, by a single person – and it certainly isn’t made without considering all your options. This is a multi-stage process – from the initial concept phase, all the way through the design, build, and transition phases, right up to when your first customer is handled.

Businesses do this for different reasons, whether it’s to reduce costs or simply because they don’t have the expertise or resources needed in-house. Whatever the reason, contact centers are still expected to have all the tools, techniques, and technology necessary to deliver a better service than their parent organization.

This means there are a few key questions that need to be considered surrounding these tools, techniques, and technologies. Questions such as does your contact center team have full mastery of them? Are they deployed in a way that the client gets the best value out of them? And does the vendor you’re using really add value to your operations through better training, and improved productivity, sales, retention, and cost rates?

An intelligent transformation approach – why it’s important

Driving success in customer interactions requires you to be truly committed to collaborating with your clients across the running and managing of their services, while also delivering a true transformational approach. But where do you start?

Being bold with continuous improvement initiatives enables you to build longer-term commitments with your clients. However, this approach to transformation can’t be rushed. It has to anticipate customer needs, reimagine the client’s setup for better ways of working, and bring together the technology and methods needed to reduce waste, while creating experiences that add value to their day-to-day operations and customer experience.

Achieving customer experience success requires modern automation techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation, underlined with proven operational tools, to become the new norm within your business. Focusing on finding a quick fix won’t work, as this is simply just a short-term answer to a long-term challenge.

The question is then: how can you achieve success quickly and easily, while ensuring you can continue to focus on business-critical tasks – without disrupting how your business operates?

Collaboration and longer-term commitments – the benefits

The answer to these challenges lies in a solution that enables you to intelligently handle critical customer interaction activities together with your clients – while optimizing customer and operational performance, with minimal effort on the part of your customer service agents. This ensures you drive the best customer and business value, while making your services stand out from the crowd.

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About author

Leigh Birkbeck

Regional Head of Intelligent Customer Interactions, Capgemini’s Business Services
Leigh is Regional Head of Intelligent Customer Interactions for Europe, with more than 20 years of transformation expertise working across a variety of industries.