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Data mastery delivers scalable, flexible, and effective data strategies

Paramita Gupta

It’s broadly understood that in today’s business environment, a company’s data is a strategic competitive asset. Yet Capgemini’s research has revealed that only about 16 percent of organizations possess the tools, people, processes, skills, and culture to consistently derive value from their data.

The Capgemini Research Institute calls that minority of organizations “data masters” and surveyed the most successful of them for its 2021 report Data Mastery. It discovered these leaders tend to embrace a specific process:

  • Strategize: Data masters establish a business-driven data strategy to capitalize on opportunities by combining internal and external data.
  • Entrust: Data masters focus on strong data-management capabilities and data quality, plus trusted AI systems.
  • Modernize: Data masters upgrade their data estate to a modern, cloud-based environment and leverage customizable data-discovery tools.
  • Activate: Data masters have governance models and cultures that focus on data-powered innovation.

While the process can be summarized in four steps, that tends to simplify the journey to becoming a data master. In addition to overhauling business processes and corporate culture, organizations require powerful, flexible, scalable solutions that streamline and simplify the ways they collect, manage and govern their data.

That’s why we created Industrialized Data and AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) by Capgemini. For this solution, we’ve combined our own expertise in data engineering, analytics, and AI with Microsoft Azure’s powerful cloud data services. IDEA by Capgemini includes a number of modules specifically designed to help customers unlock the full potential of their data.

  • AI Analytics & BI Workbench creates a collaborative AI Hub that enables data and AI workloads and solutions at scale.
  • Industry Solution Activation builds a foundation from which an organization can activate insights within IDEA by Capgemini to deliver business-driven solutions.
  • Data Collaboration Studio helps organizations enable new revenue streams through advanced data-sharing capabilities.
  • Data Operation Audit and Control Center oversee data trust and security across the enterprise, ensuring proper standards for compliance, privacy, and other governance requirements.

“Today, every company wants to digitally transform. Over the past few months, we’ve seen organizations realize that their future success depends on taking advantage of technology to rethink business models, innovate, and improve processes to better serve their customers and their employees. Data is the strategic asset to drive digital transformation. Organizations around the world are challenged on how to transform their data into a strategic asset because of the volume and different types of data they need to manage and the speed needed to react to business challenges. It’s unprecedented.

With IDEA by CapGemini and Microsoft Azure services, we are able to help our customers to create their data foundations: a Modernized Data State with security and data governance capabilities, which will allow them to take advantage of the power of data and accelerate innovation.”

Ana Maria Lopes, Microsoft WW Data Modernization Lead

To prepare an organization to derive value from its data, IDEA by Capgemini also features several modules that help modernize, democratize, and industrialize the data estate in a manner that’s quick, scalable, and trusted.

Companies that routinely turn data-driven insights into a sustained competitive advantage significantly outperform their peers on a range of financial parameters, including revenue generation and profitability. Capgemini research has revealed that, on average, these organizations benefitted from:

  • 70 percent higher revenue per employee
  • 245 percent higher fixed-asset turnover
  • 22 percent higher profitability
  • Performance advantages ranging from 30 to 90 percent in various metrics across customer engagement, top-line benefits, operational efficiency, and cost savings.

Such results make the journey to data mastery not only compelling but essential – and rewarding.