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Celonis Accelerates its Process Mining and Execution Management in India


Capgemini Invent – India is at the very heart of this evolution. We have executed and delivered many complex implementations for clients around the world. As a Celonis consulting partner, we are committed to helping the company scale and advance to reach new heights and bring value propositions to our customers.

As one of Celonis’ largest partners and with a proven ten-year track record, Capgemini Invent supports Celonis’ client base strategically with process governance:

  • Organizationally – with a proven center of excellence and target operating model framework
  • Technically – advanced and robust algorithms to a functional support by a trademarked process improvement methodology
  • Capgemini’s Celonis powerhouse delivers right shore, with experienced talents in India as the backbone.

On November 30, Celonis, the global leader in execution management, announced that it will expand its process mining and execution management operations into India. Celonis believes the opportunity for customers, global system integrators (GSIs), business process outsourcing (BPO) providers, consultants, and academics is as big as the shift from on prem to cloud.

As part of its execution management initiative in India, Celonis has committed to investing over $100 million into the Indian process industry. The expansion into India enables the world’s leading business process professionals and experts to unlock billions in new process and execution value for both their customers and within their own companies. The Celonis execution management initiative was launched at a multi-day press conference and partner ecosystem event in Bangalore, India.

The Celonis India execution management initiative is designed around three strategic pillars that will enable the entire India process industry, and eventually every company across all sectors, to adopt state-of-the art technologies into their core operations:

  • Execution Management Without Limits: The first pillar of this initiative is the rollout of the Celonis Execution Management Without Limits and the Celonis. These industry-first programs allow unlimited access to Celonis process mining and execution management technologies to any BPO, GSI and consulting professional.
  • Celonis Academy: The second pillar of this initiative is to provide free training and access to the best-in-class methods, processes, and programs for process mining and execution management to the entire India process consulting industry. Celonis plans to initially train more than 100,000 consultants, students, and academics in India. This program is part of a global initiative where Celonis will train more than one million experts on process mining and execution management.
  • Celonis Center of Excellence: The third pillar is the new Celonis Center of Excellence (CoE) which will be the one-stop shop for customers, partners and service providers in India. The CoE combines partner enablement support, professional services and value advisory for customers, a dedicated product engineering team, and a customer support team to provide around-the-clock expertise and innovation.

“India’s market and talent base represents an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on the global adoption of process mining and execution management at a massive scale,” said Anitha Scaria George, VP and Head of Celonis India.


Sarvesh BhatnagarChinmay Baral
Sarvesh Bhatnagar Head of Intelligent Process & Performance, Enterprise Transformation India, Capgemini InventChinmay Baral Head of Intelligent Automation COE, Enterprise Transformation India, , Capgemini Invent