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Capgemini named a Leader in the 2020 ISG Provider Lens™

David Rudel
June 24, 2020

We have been named a market leader in Service Integration and Management (SIAM) by Information Services Group (ISG) in its report on service providers:2020 ISG Provider Lens™.

The report evaluated the portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength of major market players across several key areas. Capgemini’s strengths in each of the following areas are highlighted in the report:

  1. Business Value & Service Management
  2. Service Operation & Delivery
  3. Service Design & Transition
  4. Services Information Management
  5. System Integrators for ServiceNow Products.

SIAM is a fundamental pillar for enterprises’ digital strategy

According to ISG, SIAM is a holistic approach used to manage a dynamic multivendor and multiservice ecosystem. It is the result of the evolution of ITSM, IT operations management (ITOM), and the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) discipline.

This growing market is one of the fundamental pillars of every digital transformation strategy.

Business units need to constantly improve customer experience to win and retain customers, leading the number of IT services underpinning business solutions to continue to grow. This raises the importance of structured SIAM.

Today, running and managing an IT environment requires a two-pronged approach. First, operational IT service management activities must evolve from people-driven actions to automated, self-managed and machine-performed executions. Second, professional orchestration of the IT supply is needed, through a large number of suppliers, to build a robust service ecosystem that can deliver end-to-end business services.

Growing demand for agility and talent

ISG’s report illustrates the importance of Service Integration and Management for CIOs and IT departments as fundamental pillars of every digital transformation strategy. We are further establishing a foothold as a leader in the Digital SIAM space with our Business Ecosystem Platform in partnership with ServiceNow. By helping to build robust service ecosystems that can deliver end-to-end business services for external customers and internal users, it allows them to become agile and thrive in the digital age.

With the increasing demand for agility, a growing number of companies are realizing that they cannot keep pace with this evolution. Labor shortage, along with the need for deep knowledge about a variety of new and complex technologies, is compelling IT departments to re-think their management approaches.

Takeaways for CIOs and business leaders

Digitizing IT and end-to-end business services is a feat onto itself. Add in the speed of innovations and growing number of vendors supporting them, and it becomes a complex business ecosystem where it is difficult to derive value. When everything works together, such as: public and private clouds, legacy IT assets and applications; vendors and suppliers; tools and technologies, the value comes together. It’s up to IT to connect the dots!

Capgemini aligns business and IT to focus on outcomes and is backed by the capabilities to achieve those objectives. We help clients improve the quality and consistency of IT service while streamlining and governing IT operations, thus enabling and accelerating the cloud journey. Delivering IT-driven business services is the foundation for agility and a successful digital transformation strategy, which is required to meet new customer expectations and deliver great experiences.

We have been named a US market leader for our expertise, capabilities to digitize the office of the CIO.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your organization, please reach out to me: