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AI Agents and Agentic Workflows

Dheeren Vélu
Apr 15, 2024

The future is agentic! Check my article on AI agents and agentic workflows.

Experts are highlighting the immense potential of these advancements, which could even surpass the impact of the next generation of foundation models.

Key takeaways from the article:

  • Agentic workflows empower AI agents to engage in a more dynamic, iterative, and self-reflective process, unlike traditional “non-agentic” approaches.
  • AI Agents can leverage powerful design patterns like Reflection, Tool Use, Planning, and Multi-Agent Collaboration to drastically improve their performance and capabilities.
  • Adopting Agentic systems holds significant implications for software development, business strategy, and the overall trajectory of AI.


Dheeren Vélu

Web3 & NFT stream Lead of Capgemini Metaverse Lab
Dheeren is the Web3 & NFT Lead at Capgemini Metaverse Lab. As an innovation expert and Web3 strategist, he has an extensive background in artificial intelligence and is focused on developing novel concepts and business models in the emerging Web3 and metaverse areas, bringing to life innovative solutions and products, underpinned by the decentralized capabilities like smart contracts, tokens and NFT techniques.