Jochem Dogger

Expert in Data Science, Data Strategy, Public Sector

As consultant in the Data Strategy & Data Science unit of Capgemini Invent, Jochem helps organisations become digital leaders by translating business questions to digital and data driven solutions. With his background in both Econometrics and Political Science, he has a knack for challenging projects in the public sector that are also beneficial to society.

In a world that’s increasingly governed by data and algorithm, data analysts play a pivotal role. Part of Jochem’s expertise lies in the ethical consequences of algorithms on society. How can we make sure that the digital transformation is beneficial to as many people as possible? What are the effects of AI on society? Jochem gives presentations and writes blog to share his knowledge on this topic.

Recent work includes:

• Assignment for the European Commission that assesses the level of digital service delivery of European governments, resulting in the influential eGovernment Benchmark report.
• Dashboard building and development for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), that provides the organisations with improved insights for their data
• Blog on the essentials of data ethics.
• Coordination of an IT transformation for a division of a large insurance company

Jochem’s study background consists of two different masters in entirely different fields. Econometrics and Political Science. He has extensive knowledge about game theoretical power in elections and the role they play in coalition formation. Prior to joining Capgemini Invent in February 2019, Jochem was engaged with a smaller consulting firm, specialized in ecosystems and vertical farming.

Jochem is fluent in both Dutch and English. In his spare time, he teaches Dutch to refugees and he is an avid traveler.

Jochem Dogger

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Consultant in Data Science & Data Strategy @ Capgemini Invent

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