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Ron Tolido

Expert in Insights and Data, IT Strategy Transformation

As Chief Technology Officer, I happily absorb technology and business trends, then filter out what matters. I guide my clients in understanding how to apply breakthrough technologies such as AI and autonomous systems to radically innovate and transform their business. I seek for the ultimate (but not too ultimate) simplicity within the technology landscape. I am a certified master architect, IT strategist, publicist, speaker and executive lecturer at several universities. I am also the lead author of Capgemini’s yearly TechnoVision trend series.

Ron Tolido

My experience

Global CTO Insights & Data, Executive Vice President, CTO network @ Capgemini

1/1/2015 to present

CTO Applications Continental Europe @ Capgemini

12/31/2009 to 12/31/2014

Governing Board Member @ Open Group

02/28/2005 to 11/29/2018

VP and CTO Capgemini NL @ Capgemini

12/31/2003 to 12/30/2008

Technology Consulting manager @ Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

12/31/2000 to 12/30/2003

Unix Systems Specialist @ Olivetti / AT&T

12/31/1983 to 03/31/1986

IT consultant @ Siemens

03/31/1982 to 01/30/1984

Senior Vice President, Capgemini group CTO network and Architecture & Advisory Lead, Capgemini global Insights & Data practice @ Capgemini


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