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Yvette Zzauer

Expert in Digital Culture Transformation & Change Management, Digital Transformation

Yvette Zzauer is a change leader in Capgemini Invent’s People & Performance Practice. She supports clients to succeed with organizational transformation through adapting operating models and organization design, enabling leadership, mobilizing employees, and achieving a digital culture & mindset.

Throughout her career, Yvette has worked in a great variety of international organizations and understands the digital transformation challenges across industries including automobile, financial services, life sciences, energy & utilities, manufacturing, and high tech.

Yvette holds a master’s degree in international business administration and has lived in the US, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Austria, and Israel.

Yvette Zzauer

My experience

Managing Consultant - People & Organization @ Capgemini Invent

Oct 2015 - Present

Post-graduate student | Master in Business Administration @ Higher Education

09/23/2014 to 09/22/2015

Consultant for Politics and Culture @ Government Administration

08/06/2012 to 08/12/2014

Royalty Management @ Entertainment Firm

07/12/2010 to 11/13/2012

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