Greg Valentine

Expert in Cybersecurity

A quick summary of Greg’s role-

A seasoned professional with 15+ years of experience, Greg joined Capgemini with the acquisition of Leidos Cyber in February 2019 where he was the Director of Global Sales Engineering. Prior to that, he was the NA Manager for the Sales Engineering group at a company dealing with Advanced Technologies, Information Security, Aerospace & Defense.

Currently, Greg serves as a Security Director in the NA Cyber COE who leads a team of SMEs and SAs that focus on various areas of Cybersecurity like OT/IOT, Insider Risk, IAM, and Cybersecurity Assessments.

Greg focuses on the ICS (Industrial Control System) area of cybersecurity where obtaining a GRID Certification (GIAC Response and Industrial Defense).

With a passion for protecting the Critical Infrastructure of countries from cyber-attacks, Greg believes that nothing is more rewarding than working with clients as trusted partners to architect and deploy the best solution which will actively protect them from the bad guys!”

Some of Greg’s recent work-

  • As a solution architect for a major Middle Eastern Gas company Cybersecurity project, Greg’s efforts enabled significant cybersecurity visibility to both the Upstream and Downstream divisions within the company. Complicated projects like this one having the Upstream facilities located in one country and the Downstream facilities located in another country is typical of projects he works on.  He was also involved in the deployment of the technologies for both divisions.
  • Driving the creation of a new solution offering for NA Cyber (The UED Core Security Assessment) which is a cybersecurity assessment which nicely sets up additional future work.
  • Designing and Driving a new Global offering. “OT Security Operations” which is a new standard to help secure the OT and IIOT industries.  The offering includes Define (Assessments), Protect (Zero Trust, network segmentation, etc.) and Defend (MDR for OT / IIOT infrastructures).

Other Work Experiences-

Greg’s career in cybersecurity started while running the Sales Engineering team at one of the software developing company. He then moved on to similar roles in the Application Whitelisting world which is where he discovered the world of Industrial Control Systems. This is where Greg discovered the new and fascinating world of OT.  He has been working to better secure these facilities ever since.

Personal Interest-

In his spare time, Greg rides bikes, and jogs when the weather is ‘reasonable’.  He also torments his family by securing his home network as best he can.

Greg does have two teenagers at home so his home network can accurately be called a ‘hostile environment’.

Greg Valentine

My experience

Director - Solutions Architect @ Capgemini

Mar 2019 - Present

Director - Global Security Sales Engineers @ IT and Services

Jan 2016 - Mar 2019

Manager @ Defense and Space

Dec 2015 - Aug 2016

Co-founder and VP @ Computer Software

Jan 2013 - Jul 2015