World’s First Global Open Banking Hackathon!

Recap of the World’s First Global Open Banking Hackathon 2017  

Our Global Open Banking Hackathon 2017 generated 30+ unique and innovative projects from participants all over the world. Some of the top accolades of the 2017 Global Open Banking Hackathon went to:

  1. An advice platform and ecosystem for budget planning and services (around travel)
  2. A blockchain and AI-based retail engagement platform
  3. A blockchain-based mortgage ecosystem
  4. An investment and funding solution for startups and businesses
  5. A solution focused on solving the talent gap in the industry”

Here is an infographic capturing a quick recap on the event:

Thanks to all the participants, sponsors, judges, mentors and volunteers for making this exciting hackathon a success! Stay tuned for our upcoming Hackathons in 2018!

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The Force Behind Open Banking

The Global Banking Hackathon invites you to get your hack on and unleash the power of Open Banking.

Our Previous Communiqué:

Running Now Through Dec 10 | Over $10,000 in prizes!

Get your hack on! Unleash the power of open banking to create new customer experiences, revenue models, and industry ecosystems.

The ‘Open Banking’ hackathon event kicks off on Friday, Dec 8, 2017. Your challenge is to showcase a unique and tangible use case.

A successful solution will enable banks to:

  1. Offer their customers new and better experiences across their lifecycle
  2. Create new products and/or revenue models
  3. Partner better with other industries such as retail, insurance, manufacturing, restaurants, and travel
  4. Tap into the sharing and on-demand economy in new ways


You will create solutions using latest technologies such as chatbots, API, AI, VR / AR, cloud, blockchain, etc. The technology stack will consist of components provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Mulesoft, and We will also provide access to a core banking system through APIs so your solutions can be as real as you wish to make them. You can also use any other open source technologies to showcase your innovations.


Your solution will be judged by established practitioners and thought leaders on various factors such as originality, adoption potential, ease of deployment, user experience, magnitude of impact, etc. You can present a crazy use case so long as you can demonstrate it and sell its potential.


We will conduct several training sessions on the technology stacks so you can feel confident of using them to realize your use case.


Get noticed! Over $10,000 USD in prizes including $7,000 in cash. There will be many smaller challenge use cases for you to tackle and win cash and in-kind prizes. In addition to cash, there will be cloud credits worth up to $3,000 on offer to continue the good work on your use cases. Winning teams will also receive a chance to present their ideas and solutions to actual customers after mentoring from established thought leaders globally from banks, analysts, entrepreneurs, and practitioners.

You will network with the best and learn new ideas on a global scale. Promise and passion will make you a winner!  Hit the Register button now, and get started!

Composition of Team

Each team will be composed of up to 4 members. It is expected that each team will have a balance of technical skills, business skills and user experience skills.

Location of hackathon

This is a global hackathon so anywhere works. We will do the judging on a video conference so be prepared to demo to the world!

Judges and Mentors

Here’s an evolving list of our judges and mentors for the hackathon. Judges and mentors are volunteering their time and expertise to help participants. No other association between them or their organizations is implied.

Carey Ray

Vice President Digital Marketing | Wells Fargo

Dan Latimore

SVP Banking | Celent

Raman Gilotra

Director, Business Transformation | Fiserv

Zilvinas (Zil) Bareisis

Sr. Analyst, Payments | Celent, UK

Deepesh Sati

Director, Channel Strategy & Integration |

Manish Grover

Innovation & GTM Lead |

Sudhir Pai

Global CTO, Financial Services |

Yao Huang

Founder |
The Hatchery

Dion Lisle

Head of Fintech, Global |

Patricia Hewitt

President & CEO |
PG Research & Advisory, Keen-NET

Elias Ghanem

Head of Fintech, Europe |

Lou Carlozo

Managing Editor |

Cliff Evans

Head of Digital Banking, Europe |

Jainik Shah

SVP, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Advocacy |
Bank of America

Sri Thirumurty

Cloud & API Leader |

 Amit Aghara


Vincent Fokke

Innovation Director |

Manoj KulKarni

Senior MD |




Do I need to pay to register for the Hackathon?

No. You do not have to pay anything to anyone to participate.

Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be a participant for the Hackathon?

If you love to code and innovate, you are welcome to participate in the Hackathon. An ideal team will have a mix of participants including developers, architects, and designers.

Do I have to be a Capgemini employee to participate?

No! This event is open to anyone in the community – partners, clients, fintech, ISVs, students etc. If different from these, please mention your affiliation when you register so we can determine eligibility.

What if I don’t have a team?

Don’t worry! Once accepted, you will be invited to our platform where you can request to join a team or link up with other participants with complimentary skillsets.

Will everyone who registers be allowed to participate?

Slots are limited so when registrations are received, various filters may be applied to finalize the list of teams that will participate. For example, we may not allow too many teams from one geographic area, from Capgemini, from a university, etc. The decision of the organizing committee will be final in this matter.

Does each team member need to register for this event?

Yes! Please sign up and register for this event individually. Mention your team name so we can associate you with your teammates

Who will own the IP (Intellectual Property) Rights to the solutions that I build?

The IP rights and policies of your employers may apply. Demonstrations of your solutions will be public so that they can be evaluated by the judges. Detailed terms and conditions will be provided soon for your reference.


Event details

December 8, 2017
December 10, 2017