Live webinar on ‘Model explainability is not an impossibility’

Join us for the webinar on October 28 at 10 AM ET | 3PM CET

AI algorithms are complicated by nature. It’s often difficult to understand – much less justify – their conclusions.

But all is not lost. Emerging techniques for explaining algorithmic logic are shining a light into the black box.

Model explainability is not a silver bullet. However, these rapidly evolving capabilities are a critical tool in your AI toolkit.

Join Yannick Martel, AI & Analytics Lead at Capgemini, and SAS’ Brett Wujek as they discuss methods and best practices for explaining AI algorithms, and also learn about:

  • Why model explainability is mandatory for machine learning in production.
  • When and how to distinguish between local and global explanations.
  • How model explanations help address bias.