Join Capgemini at SAP’s event: ‘Best Practices for Accelerating User Productivity’

Will you support your employees with training? Or empower them in real-time with EaaS-ier enablement?

A study has revealed that close to 80% of organizations surveyed said they have implemented or expanded universal work-from-home policies as a result of COVID-19, while 67% expect these policies to remain in place either permanently or for the long-term, and 50% are likely to be spending more on IT resources notably on communication and collaboration technologies. Enterprises making this switch are increasingly faced with the rollout of strategic initiatives required to be implemented on an ongoing basis for the digital adoption of the remote working model, which go far beyond the traditional programs of upskilling and quarterly/annual trainings. It’s all about “always on” enablement.  Enablement is essential for successful solution adoption in a changing landscape.

As a strategic SAP partner for close  to three decades with about 20.000 practitioners, Capgemini is one of the largest SAP practices in the world. We believe the key to successful technology-driven change at work is by treating employees as customers, focusing on the employee experience of change to a new platform, and understanding that our client’s transformation is at its core a business transformation.

Capgemini’s Enablement as a Service (EaaS) offer with SAP’s Enable Now jointly meets these challenges and completely transforms the approach to change management for our clients, facilitating the adoption and journey to the renewable  enterprise aligned to changing business environment landscapes.

Capgemini’s Speaking Session at SAP ‘s event – ‘Best Practices for Accelerating User Productivity’ on November 10, 2020

Capgemini Experts Cathy Miller and Eric Felix set the context for how  cloud technologies and digital experience in everyday life have dramatically changed today’s workforce expectations and provided  insights on how Enablement-as-a-Service, based on SAP Enable Now, helps clients to:

  • adapt to changing learning paradigms
  • facilitates continuous learning
  • drives end user adoption all along their Digital Core transformation journey

The replay of our session – Empowering People in digital transformations: from one-time training to real-time continuous enablement with Capgemini’s  EaaS is available here.

Cathy Miller

EaaS Offer Co-Lead: Capgemini USA

Eric Felix

EaaS Offer Co-Lead: Capgemini France


Explore the rest of the sessions at the event here, comprising enablement-focused breakout sessions and virtual chats with SAP specialists and partner experts. You may need to register in case you haven’t already done so.