Cloud & Data First: The Capgemini Way

In today’s world, impacted by COVID-19 and Brexit, the majority of Belgian companies are looking to increase or rethink their business. Almost 50% of the companies are reaching out to new customer groups and revenue streams while others are striving to reach a higher level of agility and innovation in order to tackle the rapidly changing market. The digital transformation accommodating these business changes have become the TOP priority for many of the Belgian firms.

On September 7th, from 16h until 20h, Capgemini invites you to its Cloud webinar to give you insight on how to approach such digital transformation in a most business effective way. We’ll analyze what it takes to set up an IT foundation that is agile, stable, secure and open, how data and analytics can provide new insights in your business models and optimize the way you operate or approach your clients. We also zoom in on models that foster a symbiosis between your IT and your business, maximizing your IT estate even further.

We’ll present different use cases that will inspire you to take the first steps or evolve further in your digital journey.


MWingz Use case
In 2019, Proximus and Orange created a Joint Venture, MWingz, to develop the mobile access network of the future by sharing active and passive equipment of the Radio Access Network (RAN). The MWingz case is a good example on how Cloud can help new businesses to scale up their operations in a flexible and agile way. We will zoom into the drivers that led to their cloud architecture decisions and get more insight whether Cloud brought what was needed and expected.
Speaker: CIO Krist Deforche

The Cloud Centre of Excellence: how to bring IT closer to the business
Tata Steel operates in a very competitive global market, with continued strong pressure to become more cost efficient and to differentiate with high quality products. Tata Steel Europe is convinced that a cloud strategy will contribute to these goals, as it enables advanced analytics and AI. There are dozens of use cases where analytics helped to reduce costs in the production lines and optimize the supply chain. The foundation for the success is laid by their cloud competence center of Excellence (CCoE) and a datalake environment, that they started to build as from 2018. In this break-out session, we will zoom in on how the cloud competence centre with the datalake help the business and what considerations need to be taken into account when setting up such CCoE.
Speaker: Evert De Vos (on behalf of Capgemini), former IT Director for Enterprise Architecture at Tata Steel Europe

Kadaster started their cloud journey in 2014 and took a phased approach to automate their infrastructure, application deployment cycle, resulting in a zero-touch-deployment framework, fully operational. In this use case, we will zoom in on the challenges encountered, do’s and don’ts and especially the benefits that resulted out of their cloud journey.
Speaker: Rick Peters (on behalf of Capgemini) and Head of Architects and Information Management Charl Vermeer (to be confirmed)

The Value of Data Governance and how to organise it within your company
In this session we will illustrate the importance of setting in place the right data governance within your organisation. In this session we will explain our data governance framework and it’s five themes that cover an end to end data management approach. We will also show you our findings of implementing Azure Purview, as one of the first on the Belgian market, before it will become generally available this year.
Speaker: Massimo Guarnaccia + Atlas Copco

The Value of Artificial Intelligence and the expected value it will bring in the next years
In this session we will show you how we see the market evolve when talking about Artificial Intelligence. We will introduce you to 890 by Capgemini. This is Capgemini’s own activator of data analytics, available in the cloud allowing organisations to engage with the kind of insights that deliver real business outcomes, at speed and scale. We will show you a number of applied use cases that explain the strength of this solution.
Speaker: Sergey Patsko & Olivier Dumont

Partner presentation – the Value of having your data in the cloud
In this partner presentation, we’ll have a look at what is the impact of having a cloud platform.
Speaker: Amandine De Veyt, Azure Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

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Event details

September 7, 2021 4:00 pm
September 7, 2021 8:00 pm
Comet Meeting, Louise