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Effectively, IT is treating businesses like children who believe in Santa and creating a fictional view of reality. 

Now is the season that parents of young children create their own “twin world,” with all of the problems that exist in IT addressing that challenge as well.  For children, this is the season of Santa; the season when they write a list and magically presents appear at the end of the bed. Such is the virtual world that parents try to create, hiding the buying of presents, the wrapping of presents, and of course putting the presents out when the children are asleep.

And this is the challenge of Twin Worlds for most companies, the approach is based on a fictionalized view of reality, of presenting what someone thinks is real rather than actually focusing on what is real and modeling that.  Effectively, IT is treating businesses like children who believe in Santa and creating a fictional view of reality.  The problem is that businesses aren’t children; they can see reality and know that their IT systems are wrong.  Worse than this, IT doesn’t even hide the plumbing of IT, the systems, the networks, the problems, so businesses get a better view of the problems in IT than of the problems in reality.

What IT needs to do is to focus on delivering that reality; in 2018 the primary focus on all programs has to be:

  • What in reality am I translating into the virtual world?
  • How accurately am I doing that?
  • How is change in reality reflected in the virtual?
  • How can IT actively impact the real world?

I hope that 2018 will be the year for IT to give up being the world’s worst Santa, and instead focus on becoming the grown-up partner of a grown-up Twin World business.

Contribution by Steve Jones 

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