If you haven’t heard of it yet, shame on you and if you didn’t participate, we’ll expect you to be there next year. What am I going on about? Well in the last weekend of September, Capgemini as a company teamed up to run the RelayforLife – Levensloop of Brussel.

What is the concept though? The race started at 3PM on the 30st of September, and ended the very next day at exactly 3 PM. Twenty-four hours long, participants had to run/walk/jump/crawl/ etc. to cover as much kilometers a company can cover. Each lap you run/walk/jump/crawl/ etc. is money for the good cause; the Foundation against Cancer. I don’t believe the foundation needs an introduction. So basically the more you covered ground, the more money went to the Foundation against cancer.

I would start with thanking the organizers – Stéphanie Verhaegen and Sander Theuns. However, not afraid to say that Stéphanie has played a huge part in this Relay For Life. Thanks guys, the organization was impeccable and we couldn’t have covered that much without you. Because let’s face it, we only had 26 people who volunteered for this event, to cover 24 hours. That is not too much if you do the math. However together we ran a total of 293,4 KM. This is an amazing result if you ask me.

In the end we had some support and extras who showed up and did their part.

I am thinking about our own HR-director Ernst Natens, who treated us with homemade cupcakes on Saturday and who ran his share on Sunday. Another big shout out is Steven Machiels who stayed the entire 24 hours on the event, always there, doing laps where it was needed and keeping up the good spirit. Moreover we had some very sportive marathon runners, who easily covered one or two hours on their own. But more importantly, everybody gave it all they got; people who had the graveyard shift, people who never ran but buckled up and ran all they could run, etc. The team spirit and support that I felt there, was overwhelming.

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At this point it doesn’t matter who the fastest runner was, or who did the most laps. We were all their as a team, running for a good cause. Think about your family, friends, colleagues, everybody has a reason to run/walk/jump/crawl/ etc. for somebody, a person fighting, or who fought, against something horrible such as cancer. In total 143.000 euros was raised, a huge sum, however we can do better. Next year we need more colleagues signing up and cover as much as kilometers as we can, so stay tuned.

For now, thanks guys for this amazing experience, I felt proud being a part of the team.