Oracle Procurement Cloud Blog Part VI: choosing your own flavor of ERP

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In continuation to our blog series on Oracle Procurement Cloud, this week we will share our opinion on the user experience. You can read our earlier blogs on go-live, implementation speed, structural flexibility, setup and support here.

‘Wow, this ugly!’, ‘Is this system coming from the ‘90s ?’, ‘Why do I need that Java Initiator again?’. Maybe, if you are an eBusiness Suite consultant, you recognize these first reactions from users seeing the Graphical User Interface of the eBusiness Suite forms.

With the introduction of the HTML pages it became a bit better but  it will still not win the beauty contest. No wonder Oracle has changed this a lot when designing the Cloud solution. If you look at Oracle’s current SaaS innovation budget, it is mostly used on two things: adding new functionality & user experience. If you then think Oracle Procurement Cloud is quite rich and mature in terms of functionality you can imagine that a lot of the budget is spent on the user experience.

It was about time, because most companies still run on versions of the Oracle eBusiness Suite which were developed at the same time when the first smartphones entered the market! Think about it; Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2006. The Oracle eBusiness Suite 12.0 was released in 2007. And although that might still seem fairly new, 10 years in IT can make a huge difference. As we know smartphones have changed the world completely in many ways. For example, graphical user interfaces have evolved tremendously and smartphones set the new standard on user interaction and user experience. So with having an ERP system that was developed and built on standards before smartphones existed, it is not shocking to realize that the Graphical User Interface of ERP in most companies is for instance lagging behind as compared to today’s standards.

Digital devices such as smartphones and tablets are a commodity nowadays. If you go to an airport and see the number of people having their tickets on their smart phone, you know this is a normal trend.  People usually use their mobile phones largely for  emails, internet and mobile applications. But what about ERP? Due to outdated ERP systems mobile functionalities are often not optimally used, if at all. A shame because with the Cloud, use of mobile apps is very easy and becomes a part of normal business behavior.

Another important element in the user experience is the YOU experience. What I mean with that is that YOU as a user are  the center. In the current modern age you determine your look and feel and also have the ability to personalize your phone and laptop to fit it with your own personal identity. Think about wallpapers, photo background etc. Why not have this in your ERP? With Cloud this is possible. You can easily personalize your ERP according to what flavor YOU like!

Let’s take the below quick step-by-step guide in changing the look and feel of your Oracle Procurement Cloud as a start of our journey in creating our own flavor. We will be adjusting the look and feel by adding a logo and adjust the background.

  1. Go the ‘Settings and Actions’ under your user account
  2. Press ‘Manage Sandboxes’ and create a new sandbox
  3. Press ‘Save and Close’
  4. Select a  line and after that press Set as Active
  5. Go to the Navigator and press the ‘Appearance’ hyperlink under Tools

  1. First create theme ‘Test’ (do not change anything but save it as ‘Test’)
  2. Select Actions > Advanced > Edit Simplified UI – Test
  3. Press ‘OK’
  4. Under logo select ‘File’ and upload a file
  5. Change the background color
  6. Optionally change any of the other color schemes
  7. Go to the Branding Tab and change the Height and Width of the logo
  8. Optionally change any other look and feel in one of the other tabs
  9. Press ‘Save’ and ‘Exit’
  10. Press ‘Apply’ and ‘Save as’
  11. Last step is to publish the Sandbox to make it active.



Easy right? So with Cloud, personalizing ERP to your own flavor is a piece of cake!

Our next blog will be on approval management.


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