Contact Center Transformation

We can help you to create a sustainable, next generation contact center experience – transforming your strategy and enabling a true omnichannel approach by adopting a fully customer-centric application.

Heightened customer expectations and a renewed focus on cost efficiency is pushing organizations to look differently at roles and operations of contact centers.

Capgemini can help build an enhanced contact center experience for your customers. We provide a wide range of services – across strategy, advisory, enablement, and execution –  to meet your needs, delivering more value and revenue.

We use leading edge technologies built with cloud, omnichannel, self-service, and advanced AI/cognitive capabilities to help you drive impactful customer and agent experiences.

How we do it

Capgemini helps you reimagine your contact center into an experience hub, putting your customers first while transforming your internal operations.

Our capabilities enable you to:

  • Re-imagine the customer experience to achieve a frictionless customer omnichannel journey; we perform a gap analysis of current channel use and identify possible efficiency opportunities through consolidation or modernization
  • Transform the agent experience by assessing efficiency oppurtunities and optimizing end-to-end business processes
  • Optimize internal operations and develop a robust reporting framework to track and measure critical KPIs for all audiances
  • Modernize technology, developing architecture for innovative API integration to ensure continuous development and a sustainable future for your contact center platform.
Capgemini can help  move your contact center to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of intelligent automation and workforce optimization while delivering efficient AI routing capabilties.

Moving your on-premises contact centers to the cloud can unlock benefits including improved scalability, cost savings, and agent productivity. It can also provide a single customer view across multiple platforms, improving support capabilities, efficiency and wait times. We offer:

  • Advisory services to help customers understand what CCaaS is and its implementation
  • Organizational assessment, strategy setting, roadmapping, and bespoke solutions design
  • End-to-end CCaaS platform setup leveraging our extensive partner network with Genesys, Amazon Connect, and NICE CXone
  • Service delivery to create, migrate, modernize, and operate contact center AI Routing/WFM automated QA, chatbots, and integrations.
Revolutionize your contact center services with virtual-agents, agent interactions through AI and best-in-class technology tools.

Through our Agent Assist and Conversational AI offerings, Capgemini can help significantly improve efficiencies:

  • Implement AI tools that monitor conversations, proactively suggest next best actions based on intent identification
  • Install virtual assistants (with Google CCAI,, and Live Person, etc. ) for your banking interactions to be a first and effective filter in servicing
  • Enhance agent skills empowering case resolution
  • Deploy a low/no-code platform with superior natural language processing capabilities to better understand customer needs
  • Install best-in-class features which help in multi-intent identification, small talk, storyboarding, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM systems enabling real-time assistance.
Capgemini can help you build efficient and frictionless contact centers by leveraging advanced analytics and operations.

Contact centers often sit on huge piles of data that are not put to effective use. Capgemini has the expertise to make your contact center data-powered and efficient. We can:

  • Eliminate execution gaps in poor ticket-routing through intelligent-automation of workflows
  • Install ML models that predict incident resolution time and intelligently re-prioritize them to avoid missing SLAs
  • Analyze call recordings to extract top call drivers and pain points which can be used to drive investments
  • Implement and scale process mining capabilities and embedding process analytics to the DNA of organisation

Through our Omnichannel Orchestration and Hyper-personalization offerings, Capgemini offers:

  • Customer Experience Management solutions to deliver your customer experience strategy across all interactions
  • Omnichannel routing of customer inquiries through various service channels
  • Real-time journey orchestration
  • Real-time customer insights from AI-powered analytics to understand customer behavior, journey and to drive corrective action.
We enable companies to assess, create, and execute the future of customer engagement – in the metaverse.

Technology enabled the move from traditional brick-and-mortar to online customer service over time, but customers still expect hand holding and real-time assistance when making important financial decisions. The metaverse can offer you just that: it helps ensure customers stay engaged and trustful. Leap into the new channel for customer engagement with our metaverse offerings.

  • Current state analysis and future expectation-setting based on needs and capability assessment
  • Strategy and roadmap-building to assess, build awareness, and advise on all things metaverse
  • Design and build solutions for the metaverse
  • Post-deployment support and managed services

Meet our experts

Vinay Patel

Senior Director, Contact Center Transformation Leader
Banking and Capital Markets sector are focused on delivering a customer-centric contact center leveraging a customer experience hub to  optimally engage customers across interactions.

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