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Turbo-charge your journey to the cloud.

Microsoft cloud technologies inject more drive into business. Powerful apps make processes run smoothly; productivity tools help people do their best work; and smart analytics and AI reveal insights that can take things up a gear.

Capgemini works in partnership with Microsoft to help companies harness these technologies, turbo-charge them, and point them at individual business goals. So that organizations can go further – and get there faster.

We’ve worked side by side with Microsoft for more than 20 years and our relationship is stronger than ever. We have thousands of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), Microsoft Azure® certified architects, and Microsoft Cloud Solution architects. We are a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, a participant in Microsoft Azure Advisory Councils and Microsoft Cloud Preview and Early Adopter programs, and a Gold member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We also work in close collaboration with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects and we serve Microsoft-enabled enterprises across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Capgemini, a leading global systems integrator, to help customers accelerate their business agility, productivity, and efficiency.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive VP, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft

How we can help

Now more than ever, businesses need everything to be connected. Everything to be accessible. Everything to be simple, smart, and useful.

What they need, in short, is digital transformation. Microsoft’s versatile portfolio, combined with Capgemini’s expertise and long experience, help organizations to move smoothly to the cloud, so they can start to benefit straight away – and so they can be ready for the adventure of tomorrow.

Capgemini and Microsoft have developed a joint initiative Enterprise Portfolio Modernization that supports a suite of services, aligned with Microsoft Azure, to provide everything you need for digital transformation.

Together with Microsoft, we provide technological convergence based on data-driven value creation to help our customers reach digital continuity through intelligent products and services, intelligent operations, and intelligent support and services.

Also with Microsoft

Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) by Capgemini with Microsoft 

Most organizations have plenty of data but no standardized processes for gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing, and governing information across functions, applications, initiatives, or project teams.

This makes it difficult for organizations to take a holistic view of their business and their customers, leading to lost revenues, lower profitability, and slower time to market.

IDEA by Capgemini helps clients transform their data from a scattered resource to a strategic asset – and become true data-powered organizations.

Insights from our experts

Cloud, Customer experience, Cybersecurity, Data and AI

What a proud moment: Capgemini wins six 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards!

Nico Steenkamp
Jul 12, 2023

Awards and recognition

2022 Partner of the Year

We are ranked 2022 Partner of the Year with Microsoft in several categories.

Meet our experts

Cedric Georgeot

Expert in Datacenter and Cloud Computing, Pre-sales, Public Cloud

Gunnar Menzel

“Technology is becoming the business of every public sector organization. It brings the potential to transform public services and meet governments’ targets, while addressing the most important challenges our societies face. To help public sector leaders navigate today’s evolving digital trends we have developed TechnoVision: a fresh and accessible guide that helps decision makers identify the right technology to apply to their challenges.”

Charlie Li

Expert in Cloud Automation, Cloud Solutions