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Dynamics 365 Test as a Service

Dynamics 365 Test as a Service

As businesses rely more and more on new and innovative technology, the demands of IT departments are increasing. Our Managed Testing Services (MTS) help your testing organization, your processes and your IT environments meet major testing challenges and achieve optimal results.

With our MTS services, you benefit from a proven and industrialized testing process that utilizes our onshore and nearshore capabilities as well as our global delivery model Rightshore®.

We have a solid track record of long-term MTS deliveries to multinational organizations in, for example, banking and finance, telecom and the public sector. Our expertise ensures that you receive a high quality and comprehensive support that helps you achieve the highest standard of test efficiency.

Achieve the highest quality – always

We can offer a comprehensive and customized service where the responsibility for application testing is handled at a company or program level. We offer a model where we share risk with organizations that want to transform their test organization and achieve a high-quality, cost-effective business while not having a large test organization with daily responsibility for the test operations but still have control.

Our MTS solutions have many benefits for you as a user:

  • Significantly reduced test costs; savings up to 30%
  • Measurable quality improvements; proven reduction of at least 98% of major faults and defects and reduced time-to-market by at least 15%
  • Transfer of knowledge; added expertise to your business and quality assurance across your supplier environments
  • Testing Center of Excellence
  • We can also help you establish and operate your own Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE).

Some of our customers see testing and quality assurance as part of the heart of the business and want to be responsible for this themselves. However, they are often looking for a partner who can support important choices before creating their TCoE and helping to ensure a permanent and consistent optimization of the services the center provides them.

A TCoE ensures that an organization does not reinvent the test wheel in different parts of the business. It creates uniformity, clear control and structure to improve efficiency – from project to project.

A TCoE also helps standardize and industrialize your testing operations. You can manage your resources more efficiently to ensure all application quality and build a culture that focuses on quality and collaboration.

We use our internationally recognized testing method TMap® and integrate HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) technology to provide you with a comprehensive software environment. We share our test assets and give you a complete traceability.

We plan, implement and get started on your TCoE, through a different phase approach, which is adapted to your business readiness and maturity for a transition.


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