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Dynamics 365 Implementation

Dynamics 365 Implementation

With our solutions you benefit from a proven and industrialized implementation process that utilizes our onshore and nearshore capabilities as well as our global delivery model Rightshore®.

We recognize that standard functions are created to meet basic business needs. However, in some areas, ‘standards’ lack critical functionality. This may lead to bottlenecks, for example, in micro-industries or specific processes. To eliminate these inconveniences, we can easily create dedicated solutions for Dynamics 365.

Our solutions are based on the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enriched with the necessary functions for precise and easy work. At the same time, they are easy to use. No new concepts – no additional training needed. In addition, we guarantee quick implementation and short delivery times.

Made to Meet Your Needs

Dynamics 365 supports all strategic areas of your enterprise. From production and distribution, through finance, sales, to marketing and human resource management. Start by implementing the modules you need!

We can start cooperation with workshops (on a proof of concept basis) that allow you to determine which business model will work best for you.

Increases Your Company’s Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates information from many platforms, such as Office 365 or Power BI in one place! Integrated processes, a coherent system functioning in the cloud and the ability to use tools that you know well will facilitate and improve processes in your company.

Analysis Data Based on Built-In Intelligence

Thanks to Dynamics 365! You will not only analyze processes in your company, but also predict and plan further actions. Using artificial intelligence and the Microsoft Cloud platform you will gain insight into the results of analyzes and forecasts that will allow you to make the right decisions.

Adapts to the Rate of Development of Your Company

You can easily expand the system with further modules and applications and flexibly adapt it to the changing needs of your company. Dynamics 365 also allows for gradual migration to the cloud and gives access to the latest solutions and applications from Microsoft!


Accelerate your Digital transformation, Process efficiency, and Business agility with Dynamics Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.
Capgemini has helped multiple organizations thrive in their business, leveraging the Dynamics Apps portfolio.
We are positioned to drive these changes in an agile, secure and consistent way.

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