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Enabling a monumental shift in Transport and Mobility

With Customer Engine for Salesforce Auto Cloud™

The past several years have brought about a period of deep and rapid change within the automotive industry. Once focused on delivering a singular product via one-time purchase, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now at the center of a complex, connected and constantly evolving ecosystem.

In this new network, OEMs serve as the orchestrators, carefully coordinating all members of the value chain and ensuring each party has the data and insights needed to enable efficient operations and create effective and engaging experiences.

What’s driving disruption in the auto industry?

Disruption across the value chain is driving a monumental shift in transport and mobility, impacting how automotive players structure, run and grow their business – and the experience they deliver to customers.

The importance of sustainability

For decades, the automotive industry has been under considerable pressure from governments and society to embrace sustainability. While the industry has made important steps toward a more sustainable future, especially as it relates to CO2 emissions, most automakers have struggled to maintain early progress as demands for SUVs and other higher fuel consumption vehicles has risen in recent years. For automakers to meet or exceed the ambitious goals required of the industry, OEMs need to consider the entire value chain.

Getting started with Capgemini

At Capgemini, we believe we have a major role to play in building the future of the sustainable mobility industry. Capgemini is an end-to-end transformation partner that helps auto organizations deliver a smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility experience across four critical areas: software excellence, vehicle technology, customer-centricity, and sustainability.

Discover our Salesforce partnership.

Meet our experts

Matt Desmond

Client Partner & Auto Industry Domain Specialist
I help Automotive and Heavy Equipment Manufacturing clients enhance sales, marketing and aftersales processes in their dealer networks through innovative digital tools & approaches to improve customer experience & retention and dealer digital integration.

Bibin Viyyath

Salesforce Practice Lead for Capgemini India
I have more than 15 Years’ experience in Customer Experience and have led and delivered Large scale Digital Transformation projects with leaders in the Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Retail sector. In my current role as a Practice Lead for Europe in our Salesforce organisation and as a Sr. Architect, I drive for excellence in Solutions, Delivery and Consulting of Salesforce solutions to our clients. I have also helped clients setup their own Center of Excellences for Digital Strategy.

Daniel Davenport

Client Partner, NA Automotive, Capgemini
I am a passionate and experienced leader with extensive experience in the automotive industry. I collaborate with mobility providers to create the next generation of transportation products and services. This includes understanding their business models as well as their future trends so that we can be an active part of shaping these new markets together.

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