Service-Oriented Architecture for Automotive

Traditionally, the automotive industry has focused on reducing the cost of IT and operations. Innovation offers an alternative path to achieving a competitive edge through reducing costs and boosting profits

Capgemini’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for automotive assembles a set of industry-specific services that help automotive companies improve their flexibility and responsiveness

Improve Efficiency, Speed and Quality

Intellectual capital, emerging technologies and manufacturing skills are increasingly dispersed around the world. Today’s automotive companies must seek out innovation to compete, and SOA can take them there.R.L. Polk & Co, the premier provider of automotive information and marketing solutions, recognized this challenge and turned to Capgemini for help. We assisted in the implementation of an Oracle-based grid and SOA that provided a foundation for a business process re-engineering program.

With this solution, Polk was able to protect legacy investments, reduce costs and accelerate development. In the end, the company was faster, more efficient and free to focus attention on quality of service.

The End of Business As Usual

Capgemini combines significant transformational capabilities with leadership in architecture and open standards and extensive industry experience to help automotive companies implement SOA.We take an integral approach to service orientation, based on solid architectural practices, proven reference models and frameworks. In this way, controlled, phased development and implementation is aligned to quick, tangible results. Our SOA approach focuses on creating internal value through process redesign, including:

  • Security
  • Web services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Management tools
  • Development tools

A Leader in SOA

Capgemini has the global network, resources and experience that automotive leaders look for in an SOA partner.Our network of certified architects, engineers and delivery managers is 12,000 strong. We draw on the expertise of market leaders including SAP, HP, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and a range of innovative niche players.

Capgemini is an active participant in standards groups such as The Open Group. Our Integrated Architecture Framework, honed over the years, is aligned with The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) standard.


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