SAP Lifecycle Services

Businesses want to reap the rewards of SAP, without the high implementation costs and disruptive upgrades. Unlike the traditional “one-shot implement and pay” approach, our subscription service gives you continuous improvement, reduced costs, predictability and flexibility.

Cut Your Costs, Not Your Potential

Imagine you could fund improvements in functionality by saving on Application Management costs; get predictability by moving spend from Capex to Opex, and have your SAP system always up-to-date.

SAP Lifecycle Services delivers a multi-year managed service with predetermined roadmap and pricing model. It’s customizable for various sectors and offers an easy road to the new SAP world, combining business and technical logic.

With Capgemini, you achieve:

  • Flexibility: A “menu-card” approach to solution delivery that ranges from on-premise SaaS to cloud-based models
  • Cost efficiency: Subscription-based pricing shifts CAPEX to OPEX with predictable costs over three years instead of a costly one-off approach
  • Productivity: Highly reusable components ensure maximum workforce efficiency
  • Cultural proximity: Our Collaborative Business Experience™ and Rightshore® approaches offer customized offshore components according to your maturity

Capgemini’s SAP Lifecycle Offering


Collaboration Across the Whole Lifecycle

With more than 13,500 SAP resources bringing innovative solutions to over 1,300 clients globally in 2012, we focus on helping you achieve results. We collaborate with our clients across the complete lifecycle: licensing, implementation, hosting, and system maintenance and management, with a focus on delivering the value you expect from a world class SAP systems integrator. With our global presence in 44 countries, Capgemini uses standard global tools and methods to deliver complex SAP projects for some of the world’s largest companies.

Business Common Sense: A Managed Service for SAP

Investing in SAP can transform your business, so that you can achieve your strategic goals with real, sustainable value derived from better processes and systems. However, you do want the cost of delivering SAP services brought under control and you want SAP upgrades and enrichments to be easier and less disruptive to business operations. In short, you’re looking for lower cost, predictability, and flexibility.

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